Monday, February 3, 2014

Domestic Boy

December 13th, 2013

Tonight I had the self-proclaimed "Little Brown One" over to clean my place, and in his own amused words "do the Mexican maid thing". I busied myself with a game and my leather for later that night, as he got to his work.  When he was finished with my living room and bathroom, it was as if I had just moved in!  He did such a fantastic job and in his leather harness and jockstrap, as any good chore boy should be wearing during his duties.

We headed out to the Mineshaft bar in leather for their Leather Winter Wonderland event, where I saw a few friends including Dino, I was treated to drinks and jello shots thanks to Dino and my boy.  We left fairly early, my head buzzing, enjoying supper at an Artisan Pasta shop that had just opened on 4th street next to the Portfolio Coffee House. A quick stop at the liquor store, and we headed to his house.  Inside I was led to the bedroom where I was stripped, my arms strapped to the bed, he slid a rubber on my manhood and rode me like a good boy.  I was drunk and loving it, deep kisses, leather harness, hardcore leather porn on the bigscreen behind him, and I was really in the mood.  I fucked his sweet ass in several different positions, him on his stomach, flat, grinding my member deep inside of him, feeling like a drunk fox.

I gripped his ass from behind and fucked him all fours like a beast, it all lasted for ages, I loved the soft sweet slide of his lubed ass, and when I finally came to climax it was such a great burst that I let out a howl of satisfaction!  Drunk fucking is incredible!  I can't wait to pound his sweet hole again, I love my good little chore boy!  My kitchen and bedroom need some loving too.  He'll be back soon.

Play Safe.