Tuesday, January 21, 2014

When You Lie Down With Pups

November 22nd, 2013

I headed over to Pup Scout and Pup Sniffer's apartment tonight in my cowboy gear, black cowboy boots, gauntlet leather gloves, Nasty Pig Jeans, and my leather jacket over my studded harness along with my black cowboy hat.  We had a light supper and a few shots of vodka with cranberry juice chasers before we headed out via taxi to the Executive Suite for the Tom Dick and Hairy party.  I was invited by DJ Easy Tiger, and we were given VIP guest invites.  Once inside, we headed upstairs and the place was dense with fog, lasers, and sexy go-go bears.

We danced, drank, and had an awesome time together, the pups in their harnesses and puppy hoods garnered some fun attention.  Around 1:30am or 2:00am, I wasn't sure, we headed back to their place and I'm certain we were the most interesting fare for that cabbie that evening.  We piled into bed together after getting out of most of our gear, and I found myself snuggled between two very sexy puppies.  I passed out soon after my head hit the pillow and my arms grasped the pups on either side of me.

In the morning I was granted the pleasure of lots of kissing, groping, and moaning with two very horny puppies, insisting on working my manhood and getting me closer and closer to orgasm.  I wanted it, groggy and disoriented and awash in ecstasy.  I finally blew my load all over my stomach in a wonderful climax, fuck yes!  Good puppy!  I was then wiped down, and we soon fell back asleep, my horny little pups and me.  This was going to be a wonderful weekend!

Play Safe Dear Reader.