Friday, November 14, 2014

A Date in Leather

October 1st, 2014

Tonight I met the beautifully handsome Joseph, and we went to Pistons for our first night together.  I arrived off the bus in full leather for the occasion, and he came in with a smile and I immediately liked him.  He's sweet, polite, a fun light energy about him, and a muscled hottie to boot.

We enjoyed some light conversation before grabbing seats for the movie playing that night.  We watched "The Addam's Family" together, holding hands, and stealing kisses.  I was very amused at the situation as a whole.  He just came to Pistons bar for the first time, to meet a leather man for a movie date to watch "Addam's Family".  If that's not one of the more unique and alternative date setups, right?

Following the movie, we headed back to my place and immediately made out, I showed him my leather, and couldn't wait to slip him into a harness, as my bulldog framed his gorgeous body just beautifully.  My leather jacket was next, and I started mentally making him a shopping list for his inevitable future in kink.

Afterward, I stripped us both and kissed him deeply on the bed, I lay him down and told him to relax.  I then took the liberty of worshipping his amazing smooth body of muscular power.  I confessed my muscle worship fantasy of being the shower boy and gym mate of a sexy bodybuilder.  Joining him at the gym for his workouts, and scrubbing him down in the showers without him having to move much for anything, and allowing me the pleasure of indulging in his physique.

My worship of his body on my bed continued, running my tongue everywhere I could, even biting into his thick calves, making him so horny and relaxed.  More kissing until he whispered he wanted to be inside of me.  I felt my face burn red, I wanted it so badly and hearing my wish on his lips made my body shiver in excitement.

I obtained the necessities, he slid on the condom, and lubed us both up generously.  He gently entered me like a gentleman, his manhood filled me in a beautiful way.  He made gentle love to me, it felt incredible.  I moaned and it only seemed to turn him on more, which I wanted more than anything at that moment.  He gasped and thrusted deeper, he felt incredible.  I wanted to have him fill me even more, it all was so wonderful and intimate.  I turned onto my back and he continued to make gentle love to my eager body.  He asked me where I wanted him to blow his load, and I expressed my desire for it all over my chest.

I watched as he stroked and pumped his manhood until he climaxed in a great moan and his cum splashed all over me in great spurts, it felt amazing on my naked body.  I then wiped down and we moved to the shower, continuing our intimacy.  I took my time as I cleansed his beautiful body, washing him down in slippery body wash, massaging his scalp in shampoo, and of course holding him closely and kissing him as much as possible, our wet bodies under the warm waters.

I then happily took him to bed once we finished our shower, we slept naked, wrapped in each other's arms much to my delight, cuddled up nice and close.  It was one of those nights I wished for morning to take its time.

Play Safe Dear Reader

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