Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Reminded of My Nature

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

Tonight Marc and his friend Michael took me out to Pistons for their movie night.  Earlier in the week I had found some of Marc's leather smoking vids on my youtube channel subscriptions, and they really turned me on.  I can't stand the smoke of cigarettes and cigars, as I'm a bit sensitive to it as well as I'm not a fan of the smell of them at all, but watching him strut around in full leather, taking drags and blowing smoke out his nostrils like a dragon is really sexy.

I wanted to be at his boots so badly, my submissive roots tingled as I was reminded of how much I loved to submit.  As much as I highly enjoy being dominant, controlling another man or a group of men, giving direction, being in charge, holding power, it's always enjoyable to just let go and fall to my knees under the power of a strong masculine leatherman.  

At the bar once we arrived in the back yard he pointed to his boots after taking a spot on the side bench and I took my place in front of him, on my knees.  He used me as his bootrest, the hi-shine dehner boots that adorned his feet now lay upon my shoulders! It was an honor to be told to lick his boots, as the previous tongue to worship them belonged to a well-known kinkster and leatherman.  The more I licked his boots, the more I sunk into servitude.  I yearned for that praise of "good boy".  He dominated me with a fierceness I never saw within him before, he is a nasty top and he was holding back, I could feel it. 

Nipple torture, spanking, clutching my neck tightly with both hands, sometimes even denying me air, driving his tongue deep into my ears as he filled them with growls and snarls of filthy talk and what horrible things he was going to do to me!  It terrified and excited me!  It made me wish I could be a real pig!  If there was no threat of HIV or any diseases from sexual conduct, I'd most likely be a huge pig slut boy toy with reckless abandon.  Especially for Marc!  

He worked me over for a long time, and when I was exhausted and worn down, he held me close and tenderly, deepening our forming bond.  I thought of all the nasty play he spoke of, being suspended in his back yard from a tree, whipped with his singletail, made to cry, broken down, have my face mashed into the mud, I want to be his GOOD boy!  I want to be controlled by him!  

I feel like it takes a lot of man to control me, a strong and firm man with a gentle heart but also a nasty streak. I've been unleashed for a very long time, and this fox aches for a keeper!

Once he calmed me down, brought me back to earth, he took me home and I thanked him profusely, eager for the next time...my submissive heart burns for more!

Play Safe Dear Reader.

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