Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Getting Him Started

Tuesday, September 16th 2014

This afternoon a young man came over and met me at Hot Java.  He's an eager little subby boy who really wants to serve.  He's adorable, pale, and deliciously thin.  After our initial introductions and getting comfortable, we moved our conversation to the park so we could talk more openly about important and intimate details.

We got onto the topic of kissing, and the boy let slip that if I were to kiss him at that moment that he would have found it very hot.  I wasn't about to let a wish like that go ungranted, so I gently grabbed the back of his head and pulled him in for a nice deep one.  He obviously really enjoyed it, as the next moment we were up and headed to my apartment, with a smile of satisfaction on my face.

Once we were inside, I began his training. His kisses were wonderful, and he looked better without his clothes, he wore an old dingy jockstrap which fit his look rather well.  I gave him his first order, to rub and massage my feet.  He'd never done this before, but he shows promise.  Next was body worship, his lips felt incredible on my naked skin.  I savored this task for a while, making him go up and down my body a few times before praising him on a job well done.

When I ordered him to come and go around the apartment, he did so on all fours, without previous instruction which was very appreciated.  He performed his first domestic chore promptly and correctly.  He calls me "Sir" and "Daddy" and it sounds very sweet coming from his lips.  He does tend to interrupt me when I am giving him orders, eagerly answering with a "Yes, Sir" or "Yes, Daddy", so I may have to administer a spanking punishment so as to correct and refine his performance.  He looks just fantastic in a slave collar, and even more so on my chain leash.

I felt that he had done quite a wonderful job today in his service to me, I decided to reward him with my cock.  I slid on a flavored condom for him, and he eagerly rushed to suck it before I stopped him and told him I hadn't ordered him to yet.  Watching him look at my rock hard manhood like a hungry dog was just so much fun.  I gave him the order and he devoured my dick like he was starving.  He's quite an eager-to-please cock gobbler! WOOF!

After a fantastic sucking, I wanted to give this eager up-and-coming boy a sign of my gratitude for his submission.  I pulled him close to me on the bed, sat him in my lap, and reached around his beautiful naked body and began to work his excited cock.  I slicked up his manhood, dripping with excitement already, and stroked him nice and slow.  I worked him over, listening to him grunt in ecstasy before speeding it up, gripping him, stroking his slippery cock.  He finally let out a loud moan and his aching load blew beautifully over his stomach.  I felt a bit sadistic and kept going, I enjoyed overstimulating his dick, making him squirm in my arms a bit as I continued to stroke his dick, he begged me to stop, and I felt merciful and did so.

I took him to the shower and gently washed him off, cleaned up my new boy toy.  Sensually kissing, caressing, and loving on his slippery, soapy, wet body.  This gorgeous boy is definitely a wonderful slave in training, and he did mention he wanted to get to that point.  One wonderful submission session at a time, of course.  The fun is in the journey.

I'm looking forward to training him and making him an upstanding boy.

Play Safe Dear Reader.

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