Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sir's Little Plaything

Thursday, July 17th, 2014

In a pleasantly sudden surprise I received an invitation to spend the night with Sir John for an evening of fun and torment.  After a week of cancellations and missed opportunities this lifted my spirits exponentially.  After a train ride up to Union Station, I met him in the parking lot and we were on our way to the start of a very fun evening.

He took the opportunity of a red light to pull out a chain collar and lock it around my neck, the familiar cold metal on my skin reminded me how good it felt to be under his control.  A firm hand on the back of my neck, massaging me firmly pushed me deeper into submissive headspace.  Once we arrived at his home, the dungeon basement door shut behind me, and I was forced down on my knees, my chain collar exchanged for a thick leather one instead. Locked on, my place reaffirmed at his feet.

Deep kissing, my clothes stripped away, my wrists and ankles wrapped in the soft and firm leather embrace of restraint cuffs whose touch I missed so dearly.  More deep kissing and I found myself shoved up against the chain spiderweb for the first time, my restraints clipped in place exposing my naked body for what it was, vulnerable and helpless, the icy metal at my back, a blindfold stealing my sight, more deep kissing, he fondled me, I was his plaything.  His very eager, willing, and submissive plaything.

I was released and marched upstairs, then pushed and tied firmly down to the bed, facedown and spread eagle.  Suddenly a slap of leather on my back, Sir John was flogging me.  I had hungered for this for a long time, I was so grateful for the blows, I moaned my appreciation, urging him for more, begging for it.  When he finished, he prepared my ass with the slick of lube.  I knew what was coming, I could only lay there helpless, waiting for the inevitable.  A gag stuffed into my mouth and tied tight to keep me relatively quiet, and my hole was teased with his manhood, and then he slid inside me.  Having him fill me with himself felt so wonderful, and then he began to pound me, he growled that this was to be the first of many. The pounding continued, I took it, I grunted and screamed into my gag until he was satisfied.

Then Sir John released me, my bindings came off, and I was turned onto my back, a condom was slid onto my raging manhood.  It was my turn now.  He sat on me and rode my dick, I thrust up inside of his sweet warm hole.  I felt the urge to explode approaching but it kept its distance as if it hit a barrier. I couldn't cum like this.  I swapped positions with Sir John, I put him on his knees, I felt my inner beast drooling like a famished wolf glaring down injured prey, I entered his wonderful ass and fucked him as hard as I could.  His grunts of pleasure gave me even more erotic momentum!  It was coming, my big load, it didn't take long until I was there!  Three days of pent up frustration, anger, disappointment, all came flooding out of my cock in a gigantic, beastly howl of an orgasm!  I came so hard that my abdomen began to ache!  I howled long and loud as every gushing pump of my seed filled his ass!

I collapsed on his sweaty back, the two of us panting and laughing weakly, catching our breath, holding him close to me in the exhaustion and afterglow.  Later after a nice shower together, and simply enjoying each other's company, going to dinner, we came home and I was soon stripped once more in the dungeon.  My fists shoved into rubber locking mitts.  I was ordered into the cage, and eagerly complied.  The strong steel door shutting and locking behind me, I immediately felt safe within the metal bars. To my surprise, Sir John climbed on top of the cage directly over me, his looming masculine presence was beautiful to behold at such an angle.  Then a sudden warm stream of piss hit my bare chest, and coated me entirely!  I was caught completely off guard! I had expected this to happen in the convenience of a shower stall or his bathtub, not the leather confines of his animal cage.

I was happy to receive his stream, and he soon granted me the luxury of swimming goggles so I may further enjoy the sight of him urinating on me.  The light urine coat soon began to sting my face, and I started to shiver in the chill of the dungeon air.  He knelt by the cage and whispered to me,

"Be careful what you wish for when you ask for piss play, boy."

"Thank you, Sir." was my response.

He released me, and allowed me to crawl to the shower to wash myself off.  Then we ended our evening together, naked in his bed.  Now I know to be more specific when I ask to be Sir's little piss boy.

Play Safe dear reader.

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