Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Promises From a Ranger

July 10th, 2014

Today I met a burly, handsome park ranger! He and I met up at the local coffee house and he showed up in his park ranger uniform for me, as promised!  He was very sweet.  We enjoyed each other, went to lunch, and he was quite the gentleman.  On the way back to my place we talked about us going into the forest, binding him to a tree, and me having my way with him in uniform.  As well as exploring some abandoned places, which is a bit of a fascination of mine as I love old abandoned buildings but never really had the chance to legally explore one. 

We also talked about going camping, going out on the lake in his boat, and other fun adventures together.  To a guy who spends most of his time indoors but loves being outside, this was very exciting to me, as well as all the fun possibilities that came with them. We originally planned to stay at his place, but that didn't turn out so hot, so we decided to stay in for a while.

I held him close and we kissed deeply before I bound his hands and collared him, making him my ranger boy.  Eventually his pants and mine fell to the floor and I rubbed his sweet manhood alongside mine.  I guided him to the doorway and hooked him to the hanging carabiner, then stroked him.  More talk of our forest bondage fantasy, making us hornier, he then found himself on my bed.  We talked in breathy whispers, he was going to show me the river where you can sink deep in the sandy banks.  I was going to ravage his helpless body in the woods. 

Stroking his beautiful naked body, I made him promise.  He promised me he would take me to his forest.  More deep, passionate kissing, more stroking, and we climaxed together, and held each other close as we basked in our afterglow.  A sweet shower later and he gave me his uniform shirt as proof he would return to keep his promise.

We went out again for a late dinner, he's a really good young man, his heart's in the right place.  I can't wait to see him once more. I want to make his kinky dreams come true.  Next time in the woods.

Play Safe Dear Reader

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