Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wearing My Dessert

April 25th, 2014

Tonight a fellow fan of messy fun, Doug, and I met up after getting to know each other a while back over drinks.  We talked about gunge and I turned him onto the idea of quicksand and mud.  He came over and brought up two large cans of pudding, a jug of molasses, a jar of marshmallow fluff, a can of condensed milk, and a large bag of cake mix.  All purchased at a bulk store.

We spent some sweet, tender, cuddle time and pillow talk, before stripping down and getting our mess ready.  We mixed a good batch of the cake mix together with warm water, opened the can of chocolate pudding, and grabbed the jar of marshmallow fluff. Once in the bathroom, Doug opened the jar of fluff and slid it on my hard manhood.  I was actually caught be surprise, but once he got it on, fuck did it feel incredible!  A gooey, sticky thickness, sucking in my cock and it all smelled wonderful!  After a few turns and more thrusting with the jar, he removed it and revealed a very white, and very sticky version of my dick.  Then he gave me the pleasure of sucking the marshmallow right off of it.  Damn this man has a mouth full of skill!

After he took his time cleaning my cock off, we opened up the shower and Doug took the bowl of cake batter, held it over my head, and after I closed my eyes, gently tipped the gloppy, chocolaty contents all over me.  I was blinded by the flowing blob of chocolate, and it made me shiver in delight as I bathed in the sweetness. It covered me like a thick, delectable slime.  Then what came next was the most beautiful.  Doug poured the entire can of pudding all over me.  It was like cool, creamy chocolate silk.  As the dessert cascaded down my body, I wondered if real mud, the creamy clay that my quicksand fantasy centered around felt this amazing!

Doug then started to jerk me off, working my manhood, his hands felt so good using the batter and pudding and the marshmallow fluff as lubricant, my stiff, throbbing manhood couldn't resist the climax and I came with a sensual moan!  It felt so good, everything tasted so incredible, and he wasn't done!

He smothered me in chocolate again, and again, scraping it off the shower floor into the bowl for another pour, and another pour!  Hugging close and covering each other in chocolaty sexiness.  Fuck it all felt so tender, so sensual and delicious!  Eventually we started to clean up once the chilly dessert made me shiver from the cold.  Getting dirty was a great time, and getting clean was just as enjoyable! Our warm shower together was filled with smiles and laughs.  Once I could see again, I was shocked at just how messy the stall was!  I let out a laugh once I saw my chocolate body print on the wall.  That stuff was everywhere, and the shower was quite long, and I enjoyed every moment.

Doug is a very gentle man, and he took great care of me that evening.  I enjoyed how he took charge of the situation, a veteran in wet-n-messy play showing a newbie the best parts, and I'm looking forward to the next time I can get good and sloppy with him!

Play Safe Dear Reader.

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