Monday, July 28, 2014

Flagging Yellow at Full Mast

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

I met the sexy boy S and his very handsome boyfriend and Master while I was on vacation with a buddy in Las Vegas. We planned to meet in my hotel's lobby bar. They were very cool guys to pal around with, after a lot of talking, drinks, laughing, and fun in the casino, we agreed to meet the next day and have more fun together.

The next afternoon I started over to their hotel and was instructed by boy S's Master to down a large bottle of water along the way. I bought a cheap 1 liter bottle of water and chugged it along the way while riding the tram over.  I met them in the lobby and had cocktails (even with the huge load of water sloshing in my gut) before heading up to their room.  We made boy S take a shot much to his loathing of it, and made him our piggy, tying him up in the bathtub, hooding him, and making sure he was safe before heading back downstairs with his boyfriend.

We had more cocktails and then headed over to the corner store for some cheap souvenir cups to fill for the gallon jugs of water he had prepared for tonight.  We headed back upstairs and boy S's Master pissed on him first as a little preview of what was to come.  We filled our cups within earshot of the piggy to make sure he knew our party had officially started.  We went back downstairs and it wasn't long before I had to pee.  boy S's Master had inspected my piss earlier while we were in the room to make sure it was clear.  He was very serious about the clarity of my urine, as this affects taste and smell, he then informed me that I was their first trusted playmate, as they always played together and I'd be the first one to piss on his boyfriend while he wasn't present.

"I don't know why, you just have this trustworthy aura about you." he said, which I was quite grateful to receive. I went upstairs alone and used boy S as just a toilet, a piece of porcelain, as instructed.  I put my dick to his lips and he drank my load, mouthful after mouthful until I was dry.  He loved it, and so did I.  As I was washing my hands, I heard him sputter "Sir...Sir?"  I turned, "What is it pig?" I replied, just in case he did need something important.  "I want you to choke me, Sir." he asked. I refused, that wasn't in the promise I made, he begged, and I refused again, dried my hands, and left.  I wasn't about to jeopardize the trust I was only given fifteen minutes earlier.

I went downstairs and told his Master what had transpired, he smiled and said he appreciated my honesty and that his pig had been asking to be choked recently.  He then took his turn to go feed boy S his piss, once he came back he reported that the piggy was full and couldn't drink any more.  He then closed our tab, and we returned to the room together. We spent the evening gulping water and pissing on the pig or in his mouth when he could take more.  Having a piss pig drink from my dick was really hot, and I'm definitely flagging my yellow hanky on the left with confidence.

The more his Master and I talked about piss play, the more I wanted to try it myself.  I was really horny at this point, and my curiosity was growing stronger.  I wanted to take his stream next.  I talked to him more, about the safety of it all, if it really was sterile like everyone said, what would it taste like, and so on, as our discussions went on, so did my desire to drink from the tap.  I wanted to go all the way, I wanted his entire load.

My heart pounded in my chest, I was so ready, but he kept teasing me, saying he wasn't ready yet which only made me want it more.  I started craving it!  When it finally came time, I found myself naked on my knees on a folded towel in the bathroom, in front of the bathtub where the piss pig still sat tied up and wallowing in our urine. boy S's Master turned off the bathroom lights, leaving only a dimly lit mirror.  I opened my mouth and took his dick inside and soon his flow started.  It was like warm water, he filled my mouth, I gulped. He filled my mouth again, and I gulped.  He filled it again, and again I gulped it down.  Each time I gulped down his piss, I fell further into submission, becoming more of his piss pig.  It was so new, I wanted it all, it was so intimate and erotic.  I wanted to be a good piggy, I didn't waste a single droplet, and I drank him dry.

He then allowed me to stand and jerk off over his slave, and as horny as I was I couldn't get release! I was dying to shoot my load over his piss piggy but my dick just refused to listen to my desires.  boy S's Master then said I was forbidden to cum that night, and while I was on my way home to text him that I was full of his piss.  He then walked me downstairs after farewells to his piggy, and walked me to the front door of the hotel.  We talked about him flying me out to their place sometime for more fun in the future.  As we reached the doors, and hugged goodbye, he leaned into my ear and whispered, "Goodbye, pissdrinker."

Haha, oink!

Play Safe Dear Reader.

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