Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Good Morning Glove Slave

January 12th, 2014

This morning Sir Steve went to grab our mutual slave, Bernie, from his hotel.  His visit was unexpected and abrupt so we had to arrange a morning slavenapping to discreetly snatch him away from his colleagues so we could finally meet him and tear into him.  The poor kid has nothing around him, no kink, no leather, lives in the middle of some place that sounds like it's a dry county on Sunday mornings and the sidewalks roll up at 7:30pm just like Mission Viejo or any suburban sprawl in Orange County.

Sir Steve had moved his St. Andrew's cross to the living room and we woke up at 6:00am to get ready.  I geared up in my leather and was ready when Sir Steve dragged the boy in.  He was cute, eager to serve, slim, slightly timid, but bright-eyed and bushy tailed.  Steve helped caffeinate me and wake me up with a stopover at Starbucks, I need energy and focus if I'm going to tear apart a new slave boy, and I had a late night the evening prior.

We fooled around a bit, tied him to the cross, tortured his body for a while, all of which he loved as his moans told us exactly what he was thinking.  The boy has an affinity for poppers, that's all fine and good for him, but I can't stand the stuff, the smell is awful and I really don't feel comfortable with idea of inhaling anything or getting high that way.  Strong smells are a turn off for me, that's why you won't find me shoving my head into a man's pits. Boots however are a lovely different story for another time.

(Just a word of caution, poppers has its own set of risks and dangers, please research poppers and video head cleaner before you go shoving your nose in a bottle of the stuff.  Heart risk and stuff, you know what I'm talking about. Also, check the legal/illegal status of using it.)

The boy went to the bottle at least five or six times when Steve had him in his leather-gloved clutches.  I enjoyed watching him tower over Bernie's little frame, grasp him, kiss him, grab, grip, and wrap his arms around him.  After Sir Steve was finished, it was my turn, it was fantastic making him moan and squirm, kissing, dominating the dear boy all dizzy from the poppers and even more willing to submit to me.

Then it came time to fuck the slave boy, he always went on about how much he wanted to be spitroasted.  One in his maw, one up his ass, and I was only too happy to oblige and make a slave's dream come true. Sir Steve filled his mouth with his huge member and I came up behind him.  It felt so good to be balls deep in a young boy's ass again.  I really, really enjoyed it, the cage door inside swung open and the dark fox rampaged forth.  I raged on his backside, thrusting hard and deep, then as I hit my peak I exploded inside of him with a great howl! Fuck yes! Those are the best orgasms when they bring out that dark beast inside of me.

Sir Steve told me he never saw that animalistic side of me before, and he really loved it, as did Bernie.  I can't wait for him to wave that sweet ass in front of me again.  I want to rip him to shreds once more!

Play Safe Dear Reader.

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