Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Leatherman From Abroad

November 30th, 2013

Today I hung out with the incredibly awesome Andras, a young, sweet, sexy man visiting from abroad who came to my event "Wagsgiving", dressed in his leather jacket, and I just had to have him once I spotted him.  He arrived and picked me up, and we went for sushi for lunch, got to know each other more in person, followed by coffee and then a trip to the beach for his wanderlust.  He was very easy to flirt with along the way, his beautiful face and slightly bashful smile was a fun encouragement.

After the shore visit, we drove up to the apartment he was staying at, and he changed into his leather jacket and gloves, and came into the living room where I was patiently and eagerly awaiting his return on the couch.  He sat on my lap, a fiercer more playful man.  I liked this side of him! A boy with some bite! WOOF!  We rolled around on the couch and floor like two animals, biting and deeply kissing one another.  We'd roll one way and he'd top me, leather creaking as he went, then I'd force him back over and I'd dominate, dry humping his crotch.  We eventually shed our leather skins and slid on rubbers, sucking and devouring each other's manhood.

We made our way to the bedroom, and I was lubed up, more kissing, more passion, holding, grasping, he slid his member inside of me and fucked me.  It was tight, he has a beautiful uncut cock, and it felt incredible.  It's rare that I fuck like that, it's when everything seems right that it happens.  Sometimes some sooner than others, but I trusted him.  He erupted soon after, being so incredibly horny during his visit here.  He then jerked me off and I came in my own rubber, imagining him bound and helpless as my little leather biker bitch.

We completed our time together with a sensual shower, along with dinner and amusing conversation concerning his home country's interest in North America's bad television.  He's a very sweet guy and I really hope to embrace him tightly, both of us in full leather once again in the very near future.

Place Safe Dear Reader.

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