Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Breaking in a Bondage Boy

October 25th, 2013

I had boy Raze come over at around 7:00pm and we headed out for dinner at a local sushi restaurant.  The boy likes to treat and serve and I was only too happy to accept it.  Before leaving I grabbed my leather jacket and stopped to look inside my closet, I saw the black cowboy hat that my good friend JT had given me when he came for his visit to cover me in pie and cake.  I hadn't worn it in a while, and when I put it back on my head I felt the same wonderful little boost in confidence that a good leather outfit gave me.  Donning my black cowboy boots, I headed out with the boy.  It felt great to walk the streets in western wear again, all I needed was a pair of chaps over my jeans and black gauntlet gloves with fringe to really complete the look.

Dinner was wonderful, as any sushi dinner will be with a cute boy and good food.  Arriving back at the apartment I cracked open a can of peach flavored Four Loko that I had been saving for the weekend, I heard of it, saw it in stores and was interested in getting good and tipsy tonight...but it was awful.  Definitely not for me, but I forced myself to finish it, no sense in letting booze go to waste.  We hung around the apartment goofing off until we started to fool around.

I stripped him to his boxers and took my time in tying him up.  It was his first bondage scene and I walked him through it, slowly tied his hands together, and then his feet.  He was really getting into this, as was I!  I had a cute, eager-to-please boy with a succulent muscled body helplessly tied up and blindfolded on my bed, loving every moment of it.  I took down his boxers and lubed up his hole, his perky ass was just begging for it, I fingered him a bit to loosen things up first and damn was he tight!

Soon the condom was slid on, lubed up, and I slid inside his tight little hole.  I let him become accustom to me first before moving in and out gently, making gentle love to his super tight ass.  Then I felt the fire rising, my willpower slipping away, being flooded by my primal desire.  I fucked him, then harder, then harder, he wanted to moan loud for me, so I responded by slapping my hand over his mouth and then giving him a damn good reason to scream!  His moans and screams of ecstasy pushed me over the edge and I shot my load inside him with a great snarl!  Fuck yes!

We cleaned up soon after, sharing a very intimate shower, and I had a beautiful muscled boy to hold all night long.  I'm so grateful to be able to play with boys like these!

Play Safe, and get tested regularly Dear Reader.