Friday, November 8, 2013

Leash Time at the L.A. Eagle

October 11th, 2013

Tonight Cockpit and I went up to the L.A. Eagle for some much needed leash time at BLUF night.  It's been ages since I had him in puppy mode and he's been aching for leash time as we call it for a long time now.  For him, puppy play is a nonsexual escape.  He puts his mitts on, his puppy pants with the knee guards and tail belt, I lock on his collar and his mitts, and then the final piece is the donning of his puppy hood that sends him into pup space.  Away from being human, away from his worries, stresses, obligations, responsibilities, it sends him to that safe place of respite for a while.  A dog's life.  On all fours, wagging his tail, being Cockpit the dog.

Once inside the bar, I put Cockpit into gear and pupspace and we met up with Nikolai and his friend Raze, an adorable young man, slender, and delicious.  They wore matching leather harnesses, and he was incredibly polite, consistently addressing me as Sir, and taking a very submissive role towards me.  I met up with friends Marc, his date Michael, the only other leather man to arrive at my event the other month and to promise me some leather gloves in the mail.  I met up with the tall, handsome Gerald, a man who's deep, gentle, masculine voice is like sweet, dark chocolate to my ears.  I also was very happy to meet a man from Recon who showed up in a sexy bomber pilot jacket, I wanted him immediately.  Sweet, sexy, and pulling off the leather so well I wanted to do anything to please him.  I have to have him.

The night went amusingly, great talk with friends including a fun little idea to do a leather lunch at Camp Pendleton to look at all the hotties in uniform, and of course whenever I have Cockpit on leash he's a major draw for attention.  People love to come up to us and ask if they can pet them, and I'm more than happy to allow them since they were respectful to ask first.  Even the ladies like to say hello, one in particular, Jerri, came over and asked as well.  She said she felt out of place and unwelcome, which is unfortunate, as she was being very respectful.  She knew she was in a gay bar, and was keeping with her friends, not disturbing the other patrons which I appreciate.

Among the passerby to greet Cockpit was a man in a red shirt.  He said hello, pet Cockpit, and then excused himself away.  I didn't think anything of it, but then Cockpit wanted to go off leash, I allowed him to do so and a few minutes later couldn't see him.  I looked around and finally spotted him cuddling against the legs of Red Shirt, the poor guy had broke down crying, letting out whatever was holed up in him.  Red Shirt apparently had some demons to face, and seeing Cockpit in a positive form of submission put him in a new space and helped the guy work through some of it.  Cockpit wouldn't leave his side until Red Shirt walked him back over.  He was so grateful he insisted he buy us drinks.  I really hope we get to see Red Shirt again, he's a nice guy, and very cuddly.  I'm very proud of my dog.  Even in pup space he's looking out for other people, and he's a total inspiration to me.

After last call we headed out and I took Cockpit out of pup space before the ride home, ending the night in the bed of his former roommate, a straight, hot, police officer.

I love ya pup!

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