Friday, November 1, 2013

My First Mudding

September 17th, 2013

This afternoon, Bind and I went over to Sir Donny's home to finally fulfill my mud play craving!  For the longest time I have been turned on by videos, stories, pictures and fantasies of men sinking in quicksand, and being engulfed by mud.  It started when I was a teenager curious about all the fuss of mud wrestling, and once I searched guys in mud, I was hooked.

Fantasy after fantasy, video after video, I just wanted to join them slowly sinking under the muddy depths, the sound of them wallowing and slopping about in the muck was just incredibly enticing and I had to have it!  Now finally after years of looking for it, I was going to play in the mud!  Being in Southern California, we're a desert type area, so it's insanely hard for me to find a good, private place to do it and find local guys who are into it as well.

Sir Donny greeted us at the side gate in torn shorts, dirty work boots, a dusty t-shirt, and an old, beat up ball cap.  His reddened skin proved he was out in the yard all day, fuck he was hot dirty as he was clean!  In the back yard we were given shovels and started to dig out our hole.  Watching Sir Donny work with those tools was like live softcore porn, at one point he brought out an ax to chop a stubborn root, and once the blade came down and split the target, my dick jumped.  Later he brought out a pick and starting tearing into the hole.  Watching the heavy tool come down without mercy, anger and rage fueled his work, channeled into each swing of the blade, it was a little scary but also a humongous turn on!

The hole ready, Bind changed into his wetsuit and I was already in my mudding gear, a mechanic's uniform that was sent to me by my mudbrother Dom, and rubber boots which I found at a great military surplus store.  I sat in one end of the hole, and Bind in the other, where Sir Donny buried him up to his neck in dirt and packed it down.  This guy loves immobilization and the extremes.  After burying me a little bit as well, Sir Donny ran the hose, damn it was cold, but it was worth it!  The chill wore off a little while as the earth was warm from the hot sun.  After a few turns of dirt and water I was sitting in some great mud!  Creamy consistency, like cake batter, just filled with small twigs and stones, but very sloppy!

It made the best noises, schlurking, slopping, slurping, it was so much fun.  It would have been even better if we had more boys sloshing with me.  Sir Donny dumped a shovelful on my head and really finished the job, it was literally everywhere, filling my boots, saturating every part of the clothes I was wearing, just a wonderful mess.

When I had enough, and it got dark, I stripped and was hosed down so I could be allowed in the house.  Fuck it was cold!  Bind was content to be buried the whole time! After a very long shower and being amazed at just how much dirt and mud could accumulate on the human body, Bind cleaned up after my shower, and we drove home where we snuggled on the bed.

Thank you so much, Sir Donny, for the wonderful mudding experience and letting us have your backyard that afternoon!

Play Safe Dear Reader