Thursday, October 24, 2013

Discreet Play

August 26th, 2013

Today I met Sir Brian for coffee, we had spoken on the phone the other night and I loved what I heard, he's very interesting, and a sweet guy.  I arrived and he was geared up in full leather!  Ballcap, vest, tight jeans, and harness boots!  We had some great conversation and it turned to kink and play, he made it clear that he cared about my needs and safety, if I had any questions that I could ask him.  Just how I want a Sir to act, just how I treat my own boys.

He then proceeded to toss an orange bag at me which had been sitting under his seat, he told me "Go to the bathroom, and put this in. Also, fill this up." he handed me the empty water bottle that he had me drink earlier during our talk.  I froze.  Did he really just ask me that?  There was a buttplug in there for sure, I knew it without even looking.  However I wasn't confidant with pissing in a bottle just yet, especially given the location we were at.  I explained how I felt about the bottle, so he sent me with the bag by itself.

As if I was automated, I got up and went into the bathroom, I couldn't believe what I was doing as I locked the door behind me.  I opened the bag.

A condom, a small bottle of lube, and sure enough a small black buttplug were sitting inside.  Fuck, what the hell was I doing?  I slid the condom on the plug, lubed it up, and gently pushed it inside of me.  I couldn't believe I was doing this! I was incredibly nervous.  I cleaned up and returned to my seat, the plug was a new sensation, uncomfortable when walking and even more so when seated, like a bad scratching up my ass.  Shifting my weight in the seat was torture.

At one point Sir Brian stood up and excused himself, and then after a while he returned with a new drink, and placed a now full water bottle of his piss on the table.  He then proceeded to drink it in front of me in one go.  Wow.  This guy is intense.  I was nervous, but also excited, I told him I wasn't sure what to expect, but I wanted to give this a go.  He said while walking me to the car that I am to keep the butt plug on me at all times and to insert it at his command.  I am really eager to see what happens with him.

Play Safe Dear Reader

The Return of My Aussie Boy

August 24th, 2013

Stephen returned this weekend, he arrived this afternoon and we started things off with a nice long hug hello!  I really missed him.  Upstairs I gave him his tasks to do as my chore boy, my dishes, my laundry, my bathroom to wipe down, and other such chores.  He enjoyed them as I busied myself with my own tasks.  I had him perform all of his duties in a jockstrap as a good chore boy should!  He said he enjoyed being my chore boy as he liked cleaning other people's places because of the visual result and the feeling it gave him.  There was no pressure on him to make a decision on where anything goes, he doesn't have to live with it.

We went out and did my shopping, and I unfortunately beat him to paying for it, as unbeknownst to me he wanted to be more than just my chore boy, he wanted to pay for everything for me.  What an incredible boy I found!  Back at the house he put away the shopping, finished the laundry and then treated me to dinner across the street over very entertaining and amusing conversation.  He's so fucking cute and so eager to serve.  Back home we showered together and it was time to reward him for being such a good boy.

I tied his hands and legs, blindfolded him, and prepped his tight ass, he was so hot bent over and helpless.  It felt wonderful sliding slowly into him and gently making love to his hole.  Slowly, gently, easing myself inside, listening to him enjoy my manhood in his boyhole with soft moans.  I fired up, more and more, drilling and fucking him, until I was close, I flipped him on his back, bound legs over my head, staring down at this hot, helpless, rugged Aussie boy and I was fucking his tight little hole!  I blew my sweet load inside of him and savored the afterglow!  Fuck was it hot!

I slowly unbound him and he worked his cock, his meaty, thick, uncut cock until he shot his cream all over his chest, but he wasn't finished!  He wanked and milked himself until he shot again! Damn! That always makes me jealous! I envy guys that can shoot twice, and it was just as much cum as his first shot!  Cleaned off, we lay there panting, until we fell asleep in each other's arms, listening to the drunken revelers outside.

In the morning I let him sleep in and I showered, he woke up soon after, and we went out for breakfast and again he treated me over more stimulating conversation.  I really like this boy.  Returning to my place I gave him more tasks before he had to go and catch a bus up to Hollywood, soon flying back to Australia.

My only regret is not getting a picture with him in my collar.

Thank you Stephen, you are an incredible chore boy and a very fun friend to have.  Come back soon, baby, my bed's always warm for you.

Play Safe Dear Reader