Wednesday, October 23, 2013

An Eager Chore Boy

August 20th, 2013

Today I met up with Jimmy at a local cafe, he took me out to lunch at a pub nearby and we continued our discussions.  He wants a Master, and he is very polite in his deep submission, opening my door for me, calling me Master and Sir, buying my meals and offering me drinks.  Already showing a lot of promise!  We headed back to my place, and I had him strip to his underwear and worship my sneakers.

He loved licking my shoes, and so much so that he even did the soles! Wow.  I ordered my shoes to be removed and then placed my socked feet upon his face after ordering his head under my desk so I could busy myself with tasks I needed to complete as my stinky socks were worshiped.

I put him to work as a chore boy, he did my laundry, emptied the trash, and cleaned my dishes.  He was very nervous, and he made it obvious as he was clattering the dishes excitedly.  What an eager boy, this one.  I laughed as I could see my submissive self in his place, serving a Master I had a huge boner for, only so eager to please and to serve.  When he went down to change the laundry to the dryer, I took the chance and changed into my leather jock, boots, harness, and Muir cap.  Once back up he was ordered to lick my boots, which he was very eager to do!

After watching him a while, I ordered him to slide a condom on my dick and serve me.  Wow.  This boy is very good at pleasing his Sir!  Damn!  We enjoyed the remainder of his visit, he folded my laundry and even put my shirts up in the closet according to color.  I'm keeping this one, he's super shy and very eager to please.  I'm looking forward to having him sweep the stairs next!

Play Safe Dear Reader