Friday, October 18, 2013

Going Back Under

August 5th, 2013

Today was a mild day, and as a surprise Tyler came back over as a last minute guest.  I really enjoyed his last visit where he introduced me to hypnosis and pomodoro (a 25 minute timer exercise that keeps me focused on my tasks, what I have to thank for getting all these blog posts done and caught up with!).  I loved feeling his tall frame embrace me.  I really needed a hug and close embrace after an emotional weekend.

He started with kissing, and we caught up before he threw out my trigger words and relaxed me.  The hard part about writing down our sessions is the difficulty in remembering what goes on during them.  I recall that whenever he attempts a command that doesn't have an immediate effect I become very sad, disappointed and afraid that it will never work on me when I really want it to.  Sometimes when he's vague I get confused as to what I should be visualizing and how, wondering if I'm doing it right.  At one point we were on my bed and I was allowed to play with his dick, it was huge!  I slid a vanilla flavored condom onto his massive manhood and that cock tasted like birthday cake!

I deep throated that delicious dick as much as I could! Fuck it was hot!  He fingered my ass and tickled my prostate, damn that just made me crave his long dick in my hole so bad!  We took off our clothes and rubbed our cocks side by side, jerking off together, kissing, caressing, until finally shooting all over my chest!

We showered together and I was seeing him off when he used one last  trigger word right before he left, making me feel drunk.  He lifted the word with a text message a few minutes later when he got to the car.  This is some pretty fun and powerful stuff and I can't wait to go into deeper trances, as well as finally meet Neil the erotic hypnotist!

Play Safe Dear Reader