Monday, October 7, 2013

Wrapping Him Up

June 26th, 2013

Bind came over this afternoon and brought over a huge bag of playthings with him.  He's got a mighty collection of toys, after looking through straps, cuffs, mitts, wraps, and more I made my selection of how I wanted to immobilize him.

A roll of pallet wrap, a leather hood, duct tape, and mental-hospital grade hand mitts that were like big beige hand paddles.  I swear you could paddle like nobodies business in these things.  I mitted him, then stripped him naked, wrapped up his naked body in pallet wrap  and duct taped him with bands of gray over his clear plastic wrapped body.  Using a chain I eased him down to the floor where I hooded him and used him as my boot rest for a few hours, living furniture is very entertaining!

I did my computer work as he simply lay bound and helpless, I nudged his crotch with my boot just for a little bit and he shot his load! Just from that alone!  Horny little bugger.  I cut him out later when I was done, and he was just drenched in sweat, I had to put both the pillow and towel I put him on in the hamper.  

I'm looking forward to seeing the prison he and Master Max have put together, I know I'd love to be incarcerated by a sweet, sexy CHP officer for a fantasy scene of mine. 

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Play Safe Dear Reader!