Wednesday, October 2, 2013

IML Weekend 2013 - Day 4

Sunday, May 6th 2013

I happily woke up next to Jason who took me down to breakfast in his hotel, which was very nicely put together (I mean they had a freakin' waffle making station. Let me repeat that "Waffle. Making. Station.") he then gave me a slew of K9 Unit stickers which would make a fantastic gift for the SF K-9 Unit, and we parted ways.  I really like him, fun guy, funny as hell, tall, handsome, muscled...

I returned to my hotel and joined Cockpit and Frank to breakfast, then I was invited by pup Basketball and his friend Jake to go out on a boat tour.  Things didn't go that way, so we explored Boy's Town instead.  We found a place called "Beatnix" and I found an awesome leather jacket in their basement and to my delight it was totally affordable, and it fit perfectly!  I nabbed it and finally found the leather riding jacket I had been searching for!

Back at the hotel I met pup Basketball's boyfriend, yet another incredibly hot young man.  They were all headed to an event so I took my leave after thanking them for a fun afternoon.  I met back up with Cockpit and Frank at the room and we decided to go to Steamworks back at Boy's Town.  I had never been to a bathouse before, and had seen some advertisements in the marketplace downstairs, it seemed clean, well lit, inviting, and I thought if I don't do it now, I'll forever wonder what it was.

Big mistake.

We entered and had confusion up at the front desk, finally getting through it opened into a dark locker room, the entire place was just a light level shy above "blind man's darkness".  We put our clothes in the lockers and I wrapped my towel tightly around my waist, I was nervous, wasn't sure what to expect.  We started things off in the showers which were nicely lit and visible.  It was actually fun showering with other men, I'm a social animal, so even though not a word was spoken, it felt comfortable.  Cockpit and I then went into the hot tub and I latched onto his hand tightly, nervous again.  It was very dark, and the only lights were under the bubbling waters, making it seem like a cauldron.  We found a dark recess and I stayed close, it had dawned on me why everything was so dark and I was reminded of the Anvil party many years ago, the anonymous sex, the reaching hands, it all made me so uncomfortable, but Cockpit kept me calm.

We got out, dried off, and explored.  I kept a tight grip on Cockpit's hand as he led me through the dark rooms of glory holes, then through a corridor of private rooms with doors, once glance to an open room revealed a naked man on his stomach with his mouth agape like a sea bass, beckoning me inside.  I glared back and shook my head, no fucking way buster.  If you're just waving anyone inside I don't want to know who the fuck you've been with.  Walking through another dark glory hole room, we were on top of a platform bridge that went through the center of a room, the bridge walls were the glory holes themselves.  Someone reached up and touched my leg, and I came extremely close to freaking out and kicking him in the face like a startled horse.

The whole time Cockpit never let go of my hand, he kept me calm, distracted me with his dark sense of humor, smiled the whole time.  We found a gym, empty, but the brightest room in the whole building.  We also made it to the smoking patio on the roof, but that was empty too.  We made our way downstairs and sat in front of the TV in the corner with a fireplace, trying to calm me down and waiting for Frank to reappear.  Once our group was back together we wandered Boy's Town for about an hour before returning to the hotel.  I hung back and visited James in his room, he was completely drained from the contest, so I gave him a back rub and set up a shower for him, after he shared some hilarious contest stories I let him rest and returned to my hotel.

It was absolutely slammed, the contest had just ended and everyone was partying, I went upstairs to change, and watched the crowd from the balcony, I met up with some pups before Cockpit came down and told me about a bartender in a play room that knew me. We went up to the 44th floor and entered a private suite which was turned into a makeshift sex dungeon.  A man in a full body rubber suit  greeted and hugged me, and sure enough it was Dennis who made me a drink.  Leaving the party soon after, Cockpit and I went downstairs and met up with an Aussie sport biker and a British cyclist who were here in the states on holiday.  We talked a while, made quick friends, and then my dog and I went back upstairs to crash in our beds.

Play Safe Dear Reader