Thursday, September 26, 2013

IML Weekend 2013 - Day 3

Saturday, May 25th, 2013

Woke up to fun some pillowtalk with Cockpit and Frank before getting a text from Jason Williams, one of the contestants in the IML contest.  I raced downstairs and hugged him, and refiused to let him go.  Really tall, handsome leathermen always get me in the right spot. I dragged him up to our room for a little bit before we had to be tragically torn apart again, and I accompanied Cockpit and Frank to breakfast at Mary's again.

After breakfast I went with Frank to get his market wristband, then met up with Cockpit at the market, leaving soon after to run into Sir Steve Ganzell.  We enjoyed some manwatching at the balcony as we chatted, and had Cockpit in his puppy space at my feet.  He loves puppy headspace, nothing complicated, just sitting at my feet, being tied up to a railing, playing with a sock or an empty water bottle, it really helps him escape the stress of his human life and calms him down.

From there I went to Starbucks downstairs in the lobby and met with Bobby Thurman, another of the contestants, fuck is this guy hot.  I had heard a bit about him from Jason this morning, he has all these tattoos that look like tiger stripes mixed with lightning bolts, they go all the way to his back into a big swirl of energy.  I'd love to run my fingers around his back.  Well, when I was taking pictures, he accidentally knocked the camera from my hands and it fell to the tile floor where the lens bent, breaking the camera.  I was so bummed, and he felt so bad about it.  When Cockpit returned he said he'd give me a camera that was an unwanted gift as a replacement.  I fucking love my dog! (Thankfully I eventually fixed my camera, but don't think I'm going to let you live this down, Bobby.  You're too hot not to tease!)

Rubberman Richard met up with me after Cockpit left to the room and bought me a coffee, he's such a sweetheart and a great guy, I can't wait to play with him!  Frank met up with us and stayed until Cockpit returned and let me use his iPhone until we got home for the camera.  We went up to the room and then started setting up for Woof Camp.  

Now something about me that frustrates me, is that whenever I see a guy I -really- like, a dream boat, a fantasy man, the gentleman that steps out of my dreams and into my waking world, whenever I see a guy like that, I get shy.  Really shy.  Embarrassingly shy.  I hate it.  I loathe that.  The reason I'm mentioning this now is because at Woof Camp there was not one, not two, but three of these beautiful men working alongside us.  Two incredibly hot, tall men in SWAT uniforms, and a Marine in heavy bondage metal wrist cuffs and a bondage collar, setting up camp for pups.  I just wanted them to rip me apart, tear my clothes off and use me, enslave me.  Dark hair, dark eyes, buffed up bodies, just incredible.  To top it all off, sweet and polite gentlemen.  I was so hard it hurt.

Woof Camp itself was a blast!  I was taking pictures and lots of videos, there's always a crowd to watch, and it's said that Woof Camp is actually the 2nd most attended event at IML.  The first? The contest itself. Pups rule.  It was absolute puppy chaos, especially when the pinatas were brought out, the moment those things hit the floor they were gone, shredded to pieces, dead on arrival.  Fucking GONE.  

While wandering and watching the pups with their handlers, the boys with their sirs and daddies, I felt jealous.  I often fantasize about a man being my Daddy or Sir, a guy to take me to a huge event like this, to be collared to, leashed to, led around in little to nothing knowing I was perfectly safe in his leathered arms and gloved grip.  A man to fall in love with.  Those pups were so happy, and I was so happy for them.  Finding that is difficult, and congratulations to them with all of their fun years together.

After all the last pup wagged his butt out the door and we tore the place down, I was so exhausted! I texted Jason telling him I was finally done and he texted back that he was in the lobby.  Well, I quickly found the energy to get down there and meet him.  He wasted no time and literally pulled me by the belt across the street, to his hotel, and into his room!  This is what I like, what I dream about, for a hot man like that to take control.  Dragging me wherever he wanted.  WOOF!

Finally alone, we showered intimately, I enjoyed cleansing his tall body, washing his beautiful chest, arms, legs, kissing him as he wrapped his arms around me, the warm waters washing away the soapy foam.  We got into bed together, and after rolling on a condom, he sucked my rock hard dick, and shoved his tongue up my ass, fucking it with his mouth! Goddamn! He's amazing! I was squirming and grunting as he rimmed my hole! Felt so damn good!  I then sucked his dick which was interesting, as I had never had a cock with a PA before.  After a wonderful, primal experience, he blew his load on me, and I sprayed myself with my own soon after!  All those days of being so horny, trying to get together with Jason, running around a hotel just stuffed with hot guys, man that was one motherfucking load.  Not to mention his stress with being in the IML contest.  Fuck he was incredible.

A shower to rinse off, and we crashed together on the pullout bed in the living room of his hotel room.  You bet your sweet ass I cuddled him all night long, I wasn't about to let him go.

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