Wednesday, September 25, 2013

IML Weekend 2013 - Day 2

Friday, May 24th, 2013

This morning Cockpit and I showered, picked up the packages for Woof Camp, and had lunch at a nearby restaurant called Mary's.  Cockpit did a great job at explaining what IML and the leather world was to the family that owned the restaurant, including the hot brothers who served our table and their awesome mom.  We headed up to the marketplace and I went to the Mr. S booth, I was determined to get a bulldog harness, I love how they look on guys and I really wanted one too.

I was fitted and totally sold on the one I found, Brue did a great job in "demonstrating" how the harness worked, by gripping me from the front and pulling me close, to spinning me around, grabbing the back, and bending me over! Woof!  It felt wonderful on my body and it really makes me feel sexy when I wear it!  Cockpit and I then went to the Priape booth and I tried on their leather football gear, unfortunately it didn't speak to me when I put it on, strange because I'm a total sucker for guys in football gear and love the armor when I put it on, then there was the price of the set...not in my wallet's ability.  The boy who helped me in and out of it was extremely cute.  We saw some very cool and very funny shirts at Burly Shirts, then picked up my harness from the fitting table.

I had to go back to the room for a moment, and on my ride up I met a very handsome, and very sexy tall black man of beautiful muscle named Sanchez who politely gave me his card and invited me for a massage later.  I was very flattered and considered it, he gave off a very comforting energy that I enjoyed.  On my way back down I met the adorable TJ, who told me he wanted to get his very first piece of leather, so I guided him to Mr. S, and picked out a harness with him, which Brue fit him for.  TJ was nervous and it just made him even more adorable.  He also grabbed a sexy leather jockstrap.  When they were ready we took them back up to my room where he tried them on, and damn did he look great!  He thanked me for helping him with his first pieces of leather, and left soon after.  I really wanted to do beautiful things to that boy.

My buddy Howard then texted me he was downstairs, and I went down to bring him back up.  Once in the room, he dominated me with body worship, and plenty of kissing.  He has an incredible physique, he takes very good care of himself! I eventually earned the privilege of touching his dick, a very meaty and very long cock! I was able to feel it, then kiss it through his pants, then finally wrap it in a rubber and suck all 10 inches of it!  That cock was amazing, and I wanted all of it!

As our scene was winding down, Cockpit and his friend Frank came in, I saw Howard off, Cockpit geared up in puppy gear, and we then went to the rubber party downstairs.  It was a very small room, and it was stuffed with men in rubber, gas masks, hoods, and I met up with Richard a very sweet and very jolly British man from San Diego.  I also met up with the great mohawked Fenn, Rob, and plenty of adorable rubber boys too!

Eventually I went back to the room to change again for the Gear Bash party and swapped back to the Marine Dress Blues.  Headed back down and saw where the furries were.  You know your event is big when furries start showing up and fuck were they adorable and sexy!  Yeah I'm starting to get a boner for fursuiters, some of these suits are kinda hot especially when they build abs into them.  I saw Pup Boomer get mummified in tape, a boy I've been wanting to sink my teeth into ever since I met him in person last year, but he's always with another Master or Sir so I don't approach him out of respect, but fuck if he was left alone with me.  I also witnessed a random blowjob that two hotel staff seemed too busy to notice.  I don't blame them, I don't think the sensitivity training covers spontaneous oral sex.  The party room was getting much too warm, furries tend to amplify body heat, the room was stuffed full of gearheads, and this room's ceiling was fairly low too.

I headed up to the lobby and waited for Dino, who had texted me earlier.  During my wait I stood by the stairwell and 5 people came up to me to ask me questions about the hotel and the event.  Two people out of five realized mid-sentence that I didn't work there, and it was hilarious.  Then two separate veterans approached me about my uniform, and complimented me about my combination of Marine dress blues and my full mohawk.  One of whom said it usually made him uncomfortable when men messed around with military clothing, but he loved how I wore it all, and he even saluted me!  I was on air all night from that alone!

After getting impatient, I abandoned my waiting spot and where should I find Dino but with Pup Don and my other friends on the opposite end of the lobby!  We headed upstairs to his room for drinks, I got a little drunk, and we finally got to mess around a bit.  I had been waiting for him to take control for a while now, he's fun! I really enjoyed it.  Then we headed down to the San Francisco party with a few friends, had a couple fun pictures taken, and eventually I made my way back upstairs and crashed in my room.

It was only Friday night and I've had this much fun so far, what could happen tomorrow?

Play Safe Dear Reader