Friday, September 13, 2013

The Quarterback and the Towel Boy

April 28th, 2013

This evening I was picked up by Sir Donny and his husband, we enjoyed a great dinner together before returning to Sir Donny's home.  His husband was tired so he went home to bed, while Sir Donny and I headed upstairs, as we stripped to change into gear, I finally was able to see the results of Sir Donny's hard work at exercise.

He is so incredibly hot! Holy fuck.  He was handsome, masculine, and studly before, and then he takes off his shirt and reveals a beautiful rack of abs that I couldn't wait to mash my face into and worship!  I took my time in admiring and paying proper respect to his fantastic body, kissing it, licking it, I wanted to drizzle syrup all over his stomach and then lick him clean!

We really started to get into it with each other, I was incredibly turned on, he was horny as hell, and we started a little bit of role play.  He was the all-star quarterback, he had finally scored the winning touchdown after a tough season.  He had promised his loyal towel boy that he'd fuck him if he won the game.  This towel boy was often in the locker room after the games, watching the players come in and shower off, trying not to seem too obvious.  The quarterback always noticed.  The quarterback always found fresh folded towels ready for him after his showers, his locker was always kept neat and organized, he knew who was doing it. The towel boy would often fantasize about being in the shower with them, in the midst of all those large, muscled men, covered in soap and washing their gorgeous bodies.  The quarterback in the middle, his big arms wrapped around his loyal little towel boy, massive hands groping and rubbing his slim body in the steamy, warm cascading waters.

He lay his towel boy down on the bench, and ripped off the boy's jockstrap, exposing his ass for the quarterback's long, hard cock.  He entered him, and slid far inside, making the boy moan and beg his all star to ravage him.  After all, he earned it with that big touchdown, he earned every inch of his throbbing dick up the boy's ass.  The boy earned this too, diligently attending to his needs, fetching what he asked for, even if the quarterback didn't deem it important, it was a dream life for his towel boy.

The quarterback thrust harder, deeper into his towel boy, and finally blew his massive load, a pair of moans echoed throughout the empty locker room, dripping with ecstasy.  He panted, exhausted from the game, and drained from banging his boy.  He leaned down into my ear and said that he needed a center he could depend on.  My smile grew even larger, me out on the field with him?  I rolled onto my back and stroked, thinking of him, the all-star, us after the game, sweaty and horny as hell, and he shoves me down into the muddy field, grinding his cleats into my crotch, making me his muddy center!  I blew my load! Fuck did it feel wonderful!

After we hit the showers, got dressed, and the world faded back, Sir Donny dropped me off in front of my apartment, but he didn't leave until telling me that his center needed a proper uniform.

WOOF! Thank you Sir!

Play Safe Dear Reader