Thursday, September 12, 2013

Serving Him With My Body: Part 2

April 27th, 2013

I awoke and found Sir John on the couch in the living room, we had breakfast then I enjoyed some nice quiet time with him, my head in his lap as he amused himself on his iPad on the couch.  I stayed in that pleasant position for a good while, the collar around my neck, the soft hand of Sir John stroking me.  I was very content.  When he was finished he moved us into the bedroom, and lubed me up, he slid a condom on my instantly hard cock and lubed up the rubber.

He sat on top of me and slid my dick inside his hole, and rocked on my manhood.  I love screwing him, and he soon asked how I wanted him, I told him my favorite position was to fuck him on all fours like an animal and we shifted.  I was behind him, sliding inside, faster, harder!  After a hot time of dirty talk, and thrusting in his sweet ass I blew my load deep inside of him, shoving my dick as far as it would go, howling in ecstasy!  He grunted his approval! Woof!

After our play, and clean up together I packed up my gear and he drove me to the train station.  Then after a short ride to Union Station I was picked up by Sir Steve, and we spent the rest of the day in Little Tokyo before heading down to Long Beach for a fisting party over at our friend Jeff and Gary's place.  I chatted up the other guests in the living room before heading out the the back garage.

The garage was set up with porn, red lighting, four slings, a cage, and plenty of fisting supplies like crisco, j-lube, and lots of rubber gloves of all sizes.  I had the pleasure of fisting Jeff, I enjoyed shoving my hand up his hole and I went further than I've ever gone before.  My fist vanished up his ass and then further, he wanted me to go even deeper!  I felt his intestines stretching to accommodate my fingers and knuckles!  He enjoyed it and I could tell by all the moaning as well as calling me daddy!  Woof! I'm loving that name!

Afterward, I cleaned up and admired all the trucker bear types that attended the party.  Scruffy, hairy hunks, pot bellies, ball caps, furry and muscled.  One had the hottest bear abs and even offered to fist me, but I hadn't prepared for it at all, so I had to reluctantly decline.  He was so scruffy and rugged it pained me to say no, as all I wanted him to do was crush me in his arms, I was too spent for any more play that night.  I spent the remainder of the party in the living room chatting until Sir Steve was ready to leave.  He drove me home and crashed in my bed.  It feels wonderful and safe to have him lying next to me, this giant of a man.  He's like an uncle bear, super protective, and definitely family.

Play Safe Dear Reader