Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Serving Him With My Body: Part 1

April 26th 2013

I headed up to Pasadena and met Sir John at the train station today, it felt great to see him again it's been way too long since I last hung out with him.  We arrived at his home and immediately after walking into the basement he set aside my suitcase, stripped me naked, and cuffed my hands, proceeding to play with my helpless body.  Lots of deep kissing later and I was blindfolded and gagged, my body strapped to a post, my arms raised above my head.  I became his plaything, anything he wanted, he did to me.  He even went so far as to shove his smelly pits into my face!  I really didn't go for it, but I had no choice in the matter, I suffered for him.

Torn down from the post after my torture, I was tied down to the bondage bench, spread eagle.  My favorite position!  I was further tortured, nipples abused, chest slapped and pounded, I was on fire! I was so horny, seven days of cum denial and people cancelling and flaking on me, the thrill of being daddy's little bitch, the dungeon environment, the torture he inflicted, I was laughing and begging for more! Abuse me! Torture me!  I am your plaything! I'm your eager little rape victim!  Fuck me and make it hurt!  Just the way I know you like it is just the way I fucking want it!  I love you Sir!

He flipped me on my stomach and tied me down again!  I knew where things were going!  My ass was lubed up and my hands clenched the ropes that bound them, come on daddy, make it hurt!  Make your boytoy scream!  He entered me, fuck yes,  He thrust! Yes, Sir!  I was fucked and ravaged, it lasted and lasted, it started to burn and I screamed, I told him it hurt through the gag of my own underwear which he had stuffed in my mouth and secured with another gag.  He ravaged my burning hole even harder, fuck did it feel great!  He roared as he blew his load in my ass, and collapsed gasping in ecstasy on my helpless body.

He untied me and kissed me deeply, calmed down we decided where we would enjoy dinner, but before we left he secured his chain collar around my neck, reminding me who owned my body that weekend.  After our meal we returned to his home and headed upstairs.  I was stripped once more, tied up, and tortured again.  He put me on my stomach, hands bound behind my back, feet tied, and Sir John fucked me ruthlessly, mercilessly!  It hurt so good!  I screamed and grunted into the gag and loved every thrust his cock made into my boyhole.  He roared again and burst another load into me!  Thank you Sir!

After a short cool down I was untied and turned over, my dick was lubed up and it was finally my turn!  I stroked and thought of everything, the soreness of my boyhole from being ravaged, being tied up and tortured, then the idea of Sir John leading me to a deep mud pit and making me sink up to my shoulders then pushing me under with his boot on my forehead!  I erupted!  A full seven days worth of anxiousness, anger, frustration, being flaked on, being cancelled on, the disappointment, the ornery horniness all came out in three great shots of an incredible orgasm!

I lay there in my mess, thanking him and passed out in the darkness of my blindfold.  I came to a little while later, and wiped off,  I was untied, the blindfold was removed, and then led to bed where he held me close and we fell asleep.

Thank you Sir!

Play Safe Dear Reader