Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Rubber Buddy

April 16th, 2013

I finally met up with my rubber buddy Matt from Recon, we had been talking to each other for years now, and he finally came up from San Diego for a visit.  It was wonderful to finally meet the big guy in person!  He's a sweetheart and very cuddly.  After a nice lunch I toured him around my area, to the beach, farmer's market and all that before returning to my place.

Once upstairs, we rubbered up in one pieces and cuddled close on my bed, he pulled a rubber gimp hood on me, zipped it up and I sunk into submission.  He unzipped my one piece and applied snake bite pieces to my chest, twisting them hard and really sucking at me until it hurt.  I moaned, thanking him. He then applied clothespins to my underarms and sack, he tortured me a little until I couldn't handle it any more and then released me.  I really enjoyed his dominant side!

He also had some gas masks and breath tubes, I was curious, he assured me that he was serious about when it came to breath play and it took me a while to go for it.  I was legitimately scared.

(In all seriousness when playing with breath play NEVER PLAY ALONE, and ALWAYS play with someone you trust!  This kind of play is VERY dangerous and can easily go VERY bad VERY quickly if you don't know what you're doing.  If in doubt, don't do it. Also, it's rude and stupid to assume anyone wearing a gas mask is into breath play, so if you jokingly clamp your hand over someone's airway at a bar, don't be shocked when they punch you in the balls.)

We did a little play, but I ended up really not enjoying it.  I don't like it at all.  However I kept the mask on and he lubed me up after putting on his own.  I love the look of a gas mask, the sinister appearance and the feel of the rubber under my fingertips.  He stroked my lubed cock and balls, pumping moans and grunts out of my eager body!  The rubber, the lube, the masks, his relentless pumping of my dick, his body so close to mine, I shot a humongous load! Fuck yes!

We basked in the afterglow and enjoyed a light snooze, before showering and sensually hugging and kissing while cleaning each other off.  He left soon after a short distraction of online videos and funny pages.

I really like Matt, he's an awesome guy.  Looking forward to slicking up again soon!

Play Safe Dear Reader