Monday, September 9, 2013

Daddy to a Pig

April 15th, 2013

My fisting buddy came over tonight, it's been a while since I last played with him and I was eager to do wonderful nasty things to my good little piggy!  I collared and leashed him, and told him he was in deep shit for flaking on me the day prior, but the poor bastard had left his phone behind at a friend's house and I couldn't stay mad at him for long, if at all, not this handsome piggy.

I had him strip and pulled him over to the bed where the towels and lube was set up, ready for me to get nice and deep into my loyal little fist pig.  I tore off my own clothes, lubed up my hand, and started nice and slow.  Finger by finger, getting his piggy hole good and ready before my whole hand vanished inside of him.  I worked it all the way in, then all the way out of him, making him moan and oink for me like a good piggy, working up to a nice rapid, but sensual pace.  This drove him absolutely wild! He was making all kinds of wonderful noises of pleasure until he stopped himself from saying "Daddy".

I stopped a moment, then made him say it.  "Who's your daddy, pig?" "You, Sir!" "Who's your daddy, piggy?!" "You, Sir!"  After a good while of pumping my fist into his ass, I pulled out a final time and washed up before sliding on a condom and slid into my pig's sweet hole, which was nice and tight!  I banged him good and hard, "Who's your daddy, piggy?!" "You're my daddy, Sir!" "Fuck yeah, I'm your daddy, pig!" Slapping his ass, biting and snarling, I finally erupted in a good howl as he squealed!

We collapsed on the bed, I lay on his back which was covered in sweat, holding my fist pig and enjoying the afterglow, my cock still up his ass.  We eventually moved to the shower and cleaned up, making out, I held his beautifully muscled body close to me.  I love the feeling of muscle, toned flesh and power wrapped around me makes me nice and hard.

We said goodnight and he headed out, then later on that night I received a text from him...

"I like the idea of being your pup."

...I'm going to need a kennel.