Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Playing With a Kinky Gamer

April 7th, 2013

This morning Andrew came over, I greeted him downstairs with a kiss.  I had been wanting to meet meet him for weeks after we were introduced by Sir Gaelan at Sir Gaelan and Pup Kiba's farewell party. I was constantly looking at his gorgeous pictures and planning on my domination of this beautiful man.   I was so thrilled, so horny, before we entered my apartment I blindfolded him and led him inside slowly.

I took off his shirt and tank top, then caressed his beautiful body encased in a black leather bulldog harness.  I kissed his sweet lips and listened to every soft gasp and gentle moan that escaped them.  I guided my blinded guest to my doorframe and handcuffed him to my bungee cord wrapped around the frame top.  I changed into my harness, Muir cap, and engineers then returned to my prisoner and continued to gently worship his beautiful body.  Exploring with my fingertips and tongue, his gasped, moaned, and proved to be absolutely delicious.  I asked if I could remove his pants, and was given permission.  They fell to the floor and were kicked away, allowing me to discover his most luscious ass wrapped snug in a black jockstrap.

I paid gentle close attention to this wonderful new area, and made damn sure my prisoner was enjoying himself.  A while later I released him and took him to my bed where I bound his hands in rope and sat him on the edge.  I took off his blindfold and gazed into his soft eyes.  I hugged him close and whispered assurance that I would take care of him.  He answered "Yes, Sir."

I leashed him and appreciated the feel of the leather handle in my grip, linked to the chain that ended clipped to the slave collar I had placed on his neck.  He was my slave, my property, I owned him for now...and I wanted nothing more than his joy and ecstasy.

I laid him down upon my bed and stroked his succulent body, licked his soft skin, making him shiver and gasp.  This continued for a good while.  I then released his hands and gave him orders to remove my boots and pants, he complied like a good boy would.  I then pulled him over to the bed and held him before ordering him to take off his jockstrap as my own underwear was thrown to the floor.  We lay there, naked, bodies embracing, his dick felt so good in my hands, it looked so delicious, I gazed at it horny and starved...I devoured it, sucked it, licking and savoring as he moaned and gasped.  He then returned the favor when I had finished.  My dear universe this boy can suck with the best of them!  He sucked, licked, savored, slurped, and deep-throated my cock so well I thought I was going to blow my load right then and there!

We then lubed up our manhoods and beat off, I watched his beautiful face awash in ecstasy, moaning, grunting, his adorable sexy face, his beautiful body, my thick leather collar around his neck!  I blew my load!  I blew so hard a fountain of cum shot by my face!  Fuck! He stroked and wanked! He was so close! So close! Then he exploded and blew so hard!  He accidentally gave me a facial with his sweet, warm load!  Fuck was it hot!

We wiped down and snuggled in the afterglow, my arms around this gorgeous man.  Eventually I released him from my collar, stripped naked and showered together, washing each other close in the warm waters.  We spent the day together, had lunch, bonded a little.  I felt infatuated with him, he's amazing.  So cute, so geeky, a kinky gamer like myself.

My dear Andrew, I think it'd be very easy to love you.  Please take care of yourself.  I eagerly await your return to my doorstep, and my arms.

Play Safe Dear Reader.