Friday, August 30, 2013

A Night With My Dog

April 5th, 2013

Tonight I went out with my puppy, Cockpit.  We went out for leash time at Pistons Bar for their Jock Night, he geared up in his puppy hood, puppy mitts and his wagging tail plug, and I went out in my title vest and leather gear.

One of the best parts of being Cockpit's handler is when I get to transform him from my best friend into my leather dog by pulling on his fist mitts, locking them closed, pulling on his hood and lacing it tight, then my favorite part is when I slip on his collar, buckle it, and click the lock in place.  My name is written on his tag, telling everyone he belongs to me.

We entered the bar and headed to the back, he pupped out on all fours while I socialized with my friends.  We met up with a man named Eric who was new to Long Beach from Boston, and we made very fast friends with him! Woof!  I participated in the raffle and won a giftcard to the local sex shop here, the Crypt, and Cockpit was in heaven when I put him in a bootlock, keeping his head between my tall Chippewa engineers, as well as when he put himself under Eric's shoes!  Silly sexy puppy!  Wagging his tail!

I wanted Cockpit to have a damn good night of leash time so I put him in a bootlock as much as possible, he had told me while biped how much he loves it when he's in puppy mode, and I love him so dearly that I want to give him anything he wants that I can provide.  So leash time and bootlocked it is!  I want to see his tail wag so hard it threatens to fall off!

At one point during the night a Master and his slave visiting from Palm Springs approached us, the Master seemed quite drunk, and made his slave lick my boots, which he did so quite well and it felt wonderful to have a stranger be so eager to please, and the Master laughed saying "It's good to be king!".  I have to agree, it really is, and if I were to call myself one, I'd definitely want to rule a kingdom of happy and eager to please subjects.

I did get to meet up and lock lips with Jeremy, Mr. Oilcan Harry's 2013, and fuck do I enjoy making out with this guy!  I remember when we first met, he and I just maneuvered into a kiss and it felt so right we both melted into it, nice and slow, deep and sweet.  I love the lips on this man!  I met up with Mike, Sir John's husband and also a bondage enthusiast, as well as my great friend George, the man who introduced me to leather as well as handed me my very first leather jacket the first time we met outside the Mineshaft Bar in 2009.  I owe him a damn good night of bondage and when I can tie him down to a date, I'll tie him up for a night!  I'm going to blow his fucking mind.

After midnight, Cockpit and I headed home, socialized and pupped out.  I always enjoy our times together.  I love my dog so much.

Play Safe Dear Reader