Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dominated by a Deputy

March 29th, 2013

Tonight a big fantasy of mine had come true.

I have always lusted after police officers in uniform, men of the badge, and I wished hard for one of them to play with me. I flagged my medium blue hanky in my right pocket as much as possible, tried to figure out where the real cops and sheriffs went to drink. After coming up with nothing for a long time, it finally happened.

A tall man, handsome, masculine, a deep voice, broad chest of muscle.  He is a man who makes his badge reflect the love of his duty and his country.  He is what a real deputy personifies, masculine, honorable, dutiful, and respectful.  I arrived at his place this afternoon and he answered the door in full uniform.  My heart leaped, and my words vanished.  His deep voice, his clean shaven face, he walked me inside into the dining room and after a few words we kissed.  My spirit soared, this is what I had been dreaming of for so long,  I felt filled with air as his tongue met mine, I was holding a uniformed deputy, kissing him deeply, and he was kissing me!

We moved into the bedroom, and I helped him take off his boots as I confessed as to why I fantasized over men in uniform so much.  Not only was it the sexy uniform and the hard authority that I find so attractive, but it's the gratitude I have for them going through such hardship, the dedication they have, the stress of the job, the public harassment they all suffer due to a few who are corrupted, and the life-threatening situations they put themselves in in order to protect us.  I told him I wanted to thank him for everything he's done for us, and apologize on behalf of the rude and ungrateful ones.

I kissed him more, and we made out further on the bed.  My mind was awash with one thought repeated endlessly, my fantasy was coming true!  We stripped and he lubed up my hole, I trusted him, he slid on a condom, it was really happening!  I relaxed as he put my legs in the air and I looked up at him as he entered me.  He fucked me good and hard, pounding my ass, it felt good to look up at the smile forming on his handsome face.  Hearing him grunt in pleasure made everything so wonderful!  He pulled out and he lay next to me, we stroked ourselves and I gazed at him and his sexy body.  A broad chest carpeted by black fur covering a muscular field.  He poured a generous amount of lube on his chest, and I massaged it all over, greasing him up and savoring the moments I could touch him.  He lubed up my chest, and massaged me in the same way.

We stroked, touched, the anticipation building, soon reaching our climaxes, we shot our loads together!  I was living a dream, orgasms with a hot deputy!  We lay in the afterglow, talking.  We headed to the shower and cleaned each other off, before going to the living room and just chatting for a good hour together. I took my leave, and bid him a wonderful night, walking home on air.

He told me he wanted more kink exposure, that he's interested in expanding his horizons.  I couldn't be happier to help him explore!  Fantasies do come true, dear readers.

Play Safe.