Monday, August 19, 2013

The Delicate boy.

March 1st, 2013

Tonight I had the adorable Matt come over and spend the day with me.  I took him to lunch where we got better acquainted and then up to my apartment where I had him strip to his jockstrap and ordered him to do my dishes.  Woof!  He's so slender, so smooth, so pale and deliciously tender, like a white tulip.  I treated him so gently, as if he would scratch or crack.

Afterward I had him change into his football pants, and I pulled on my leather CHP uniform and my Chippewa Engineer boots.  I came out of the bedroom and ordered him down on his knees to lick my boots for his very first boot worship lesson.  Such a good boy!  I then had him sit on my lap while we watched a few choice porn videos of my near-obsession with quicksand.  Unfortunately the dear boy just wasn't into it as I had hoped (because he would look irresistible covered in mud) so I brought him into my bedroom and had him suck my dick, serving his officer, which he did and with flying colors! This boy is a great cocksucker!

I then bound him gently in my ropes, taking my time, kissing, licking, and nipping every inch of his helpless, smooth, delicate body.  I tied my blindfold around his eyes, gagged him with another handkerchief, then greased up his big, meaty cock!  WOOF! This thing was just begging to be sucked dry!  This boy has quite a manhood on him!

I worked his dick gently, smoothly stroking his meat, easing out delicious grunts and erotic moans from this beautiful boy.  Oh it was so rewarding making him squirm in my bindings.  He's so quiet and shy it only makes me desire him more.

He finally peaked and climaxed, shooting his warm sticky load all over his beautiful body in a wonderful white splatter!  I then lay next to him and rubbed my own meat, telling him how hot he would look in my collar and on my leash.  Fuck!  The visual was so hot I blew my own load soon after.  We lay there in the afterglow for a little while, coming back down to earth before I slowly untied him, guided him to my bathroom and cleansed his body under the warm waters.

We enjoyed a little more time together, going out for dinner and introducing him to the Crypt store before he left.  I am eager to see him again, and even more excited to ravage him, splitting open that great boy ass of his!

Play Safe, dear reader!