Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Shy Bear

February 26th, 2013

Tonight on a spur of the moment text, I finally was able to meet John, a gentle bear I met off of Recon.  We agreed to meet at the Mineshaft bar, and we talked a bit, getting to know one another.  After a short time I asked him out on a walk, so we could hear each other better and have some time to ourselves.

During our conversation I brought up my quicksand fetish, and he really enjoyed the idea of it.  He's very quiet and very shy, an element of a guy that I enjoy as it brings out my caring and gentler side.  I took my time with him, enjoying his bashfulness, eager for him to like me.

I told him I wanted to share my quicksand videos with him if he was interested, and invited him over.  I was delighted when he said yes.  Once inside my place, I gently hugged him close, he was so nervous and vulnerable it made me want him even more.  I sat him down and we watched several erotic videos of men sinking in quicksand, struggling in thick, gooey mud, and slopping about in creamy earth.  He was getting very horny, I was already there.  I love the idea of sinking in quicksand, it's a form of natural bondage, the feeling of helplessness, the thick mud all over your body.  I hope to have my first sinking experience sometime soon!

We moved to the bed and made out, kissing lips and embracing bodies, smooth and sensual, slow and sweet.  I gradually eased him into serving me, calling me Sir.  I had him strip for me, and complimented him on his beautiful body.  He was wonderful!  I had him join me in jerking our meat together, listening to him let out a moan when he came was just incredibly hot!  He's a very sexy bear, and I'm thrilled he wants to serve me.  Woof!  My hot, shy little muddybear!  I want to wallow with him sometime!

Play Safe dear reader.