Friday, August 16, 2013

I Love Big Pups

February 26th, 2013

This afternoon I had pup Danny over, a tall 6'4" man with buzzed black hair and of great size.  I love my men taller than me, and I can appreciate a man of size as there is a lot of him to love on.

He had brought along his gas mask and duct tape which I was eager to experiment with together.  I love the sound of duct tape being pulled from the roll in a sudden jerk and tear, the sound of the strip ripping from itself sends a poke of excitement and thrill through my system and gets me in the mood!

I ordered him to strip naked, and I busied myself in my bedroom with clearing off our playspace.  Finished, I returned to the living room and was pleased to find him naked and on his knees.  What a good pup.  I eased him into our time together with light touch, and gentle orders.  I pulled a piece of duct tape from the roll and wrapped in on his mouth as I reminded him that he was now mine.  I ordered him onto the bed and pulled the black gas mask over his face.  The plastic eyes were taped over and blinded.  He was now in complete darkness and his breath was accompanied by his soft moans of pleasure.

I took the roll of duct tape to his wrists, sealing them together.  I pulled another long strip and wrapped his ankles to each other, then I proceeded to tape his knees.  There he lay, upon my bed, blinded, masked, taped up and completely naked and helpless!  Perfect.

I moved in and tossed the roll to one side, and proceeded to enjoy his large body, biting the folds of his flesh, licking his large stomach, relishing the moans escaping the gas mask along with his breath.  I continued molesting him, slowly moving to his drooling dick.  Taking it firmly in hand, I slowly started to jerk his meat, a little faster, and a little stronger, and he shot! He shot a gigantic load!  I slowly removed his mask, praising his good explosion and I cuddled him close in his afterglow.  He confessed that he had not seen any kind of play in four whole months, and was extremely horny.

I don't understand why a tall, handsome pup like him doesn't get more play, he's beautiful.  It was fun to see him shoot, and to have such a big dog in my bed.  I'm looking forward to tying him up and ravaging him next time he comes through my door.

Play Safe Dear Reader.