Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Welcome to California, boy!

February 19th, 2013

Tonight I met with Dennis, a submissive man who just moved here to California.  He's an incredibly nice man, a bear type with soft features, warm and friendly just how I like a lot of my men.  He bought me dessert as we got to know each other.  Afterward we headed over to his place nearby, a wonderful 2 bedroom, one of which he had converted into a playroom.  A bed with rubber sheets, a sling, and a TV with plenty of porn to set the mood.

I held him close and we made out a good while, riling each other up, before heading into the bathroom and I proceeded to shave his head, something I haven't done before but enjoyed the eroticism about.  I used his clipper razor to mow off anything and everything, then lathered up his cranium and slowly shaved him completely bald.  It was surprisingly fun.  I enjoy bald men with smooth, shiny heads almost as much as I enjoy men with short thick hair and punks with mohawks.

He lent me his rubber chaps which fit comfortably, then serviced my dick and balls like a good boy.  He's very skilled at it, and pleased me greatly.  Once thoroughly turned on, I ordered him to fetch the condoms and lube.  I slid a rubber on, lubed us up, and ordered him into the sling.  This would be my first slingfuck, and he looked really hot laying in it, legs up, ass exposed and ready.  Woof.

I slid into his eager hole and after a little gentle lovemaking I started to really let him have it!  Oh I fucked that hole, I made damn sure I fucked that hole! The sling chains gave me great leverage as I slammed his ass as hard as I could, he loved it, begging me for more, calling me his Sir. Glaring deep into his eyes I reminded him that he was my boy toy tonight as I gripped his legs and rammed myself deeper into his hungry ass.  He loved it, I loved it! I bent forward and kissed him deeply all while fucking him.

I pulled out and ordered him on the bed, on his hands and knees and I fucked him from behind in my favorite position.  He knew his place, he loved me pounding his boyhole, MY boyhole! His ass was MINE!

I finally blew my load inside of him, and collapsed exhausted.  I held him like that for a while, he said he loved the feeling of my dick deep in his ass, even when I wasn't fucking the hell out of him.  I cleaned up and we cuddled a little while, basking in my afterglow.  I then told him it was his turn, but after a good attempt, he just couldn't blow his load.  I knew what he was feeling, overstimulation is a somewhat rare reason I can't blow my load sometimes, and it's incredibly frustrating as well, especially after a really hot scene.

We got changed and he generously drove me home like a good boy.  Welcome to town, hot stuff.

Play Safe dear reader.