Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Romp with a Biker

Thursday, February 1st, 2013

Sir Donny's husband came over and we had a bit of fun tonight.  We made out and I had him change into his sport biker gear.  I attempted to set up a bondage station with the carabiner over my doorframe, but it wasn't working out to what I had in mind.  Not a problem, as I simply changed direction and bound his hands together, then I blindfolded him, led him to the bed, and shoved him hard back onto it.

Fuck I love doing that so much, the surge of dominant energy is such a rush!

More making out with my helpless prisoner, I then tied his boots together so there was absolutely no escaping me, not that he had any reason to anyway!  Growling, snarling, licking, biting, kissing deeply, passion!  Gasping! Moaning!  Fuck yeah!

I ordered him out of his biker armor after releasing his hands and boots, and I slipped out of my leather and only left my harness and Muir cap.  I slid on a condom, lubed up his sweet ass, exposed in his leather jock, and I gently slid inside his hole, and relished the feeling of his sweet tight ass!  Gentle lovemaking and small thrusts turned into primal fucking!  His moans! His whimpering! I thrust harder and harder! Deeper and deeper!  I peaked! I shot my hot load!  I shot another!  I embraced him!  He shuddered! He filled his jockstrap with his hot sticky load!

As we came down from our high, I slipped out of his sweet hole, and enjoyed the afterglow.  We made our way to the shower, pieces of clothing all over my bedroom floor.  I ran the water, and cleansed his body and we shared more gentle kisses.

The water was turned off, we dried our bodies, and had some fun conversation of popular shows, his work, and the work he was doing for a website before he said goodbye, and we ended our visit together.

A wonderful visit that was, too!

Play Safe, dear reader.