Monday, June 17, 2013

A Horny Christmas with the Dogs

Friday, December 14th, 2012 - Monday, December 17th 2012


Flew up to San Francisco with Cockpit and along the way dropped a card on the table of a very cute boy, and handed a card to a flight attendant to give to our pilot.  He was so sexy. Fly me anywhere, hot shot.

Once in the hotel room, Cockpit and I fooled around a little bit before he left to get Brue and I had my good friend Minddrive come up for a bit.  He was in the neighborhood and we had been talking extensively online about how bad he wanted me to milk him.  I hadn't milked anyone before so it was going to be a fun new experience for me as well.  I had him jump into his chaps and strapped him into the straitjacket he provided. I tied on a bandanna mask and as his masked bandit captor, I masked him as well, then tied his legs with my ropes.  He wasn't going anywhere anytime soon, and he was at my complete mercy!

I spent some time cuddled close to him, embracing him, and then started stroking his already hard manhood while whispering a sexy tale into his ears.  A story where he would get abducted by a cowboy, and he wakes up on a wooden table, stark naked and attached to a milking machine, where he then becomes the cowboy's cum cow.  After finishing, I looked into his eyes and in a stern voice I ordered "Cum!"  His eyes shut tight and he shot his load on the spot!  He pumped three times, drenching my hand in his seed.  I was amazed, I actually made someone cum on demand, but I wasn't finished.  This pup wanted to be milked so badly and I always deliver on my promises.

I kept stroking him, he started laughing he was so sensitive, and I kept stroking. I started another story, a tale from my own fantasies, a tale of a man who was pushed into the quicksand and left to sink under the muck.  After I finished I ordered him to cum again and with a little teasing of the head of his cock, he came again!  Woof!  I slowed down and stopped teasing and stroking, I cleaned him up and held him in his afterglow.  After I while I released him, helped him pack up, and saw him off with a nice kiss.  He was fun!

Around 1:00am Brue and Cockpit came back to the room, Cockpit showed me his new gear, and soon I found myself between the two of them completely naked.  Brue mashed his face in my ass and rimmed me so deep my eyes crossed while Cockpit swallowed my dick like the incredible cocksucker he is!  Eventually I was on the bed, 69-ing Cockpit while Brue continued to love deep in my ass.

Cockpit jerked off and blew his load all over his chest, and by the look of tranquility in his eyes told me that he really needed it!  I went to bed soon after, spooned between Brue and Cockpit.


In the morning, Brue was extremely horny, fingering my ass and then fucking me, hitting my prostate in the best way he could! Holy shit!  I howled, and moaned it felt so incredibly amazing!  I was ordered to jerk off and it was then that I blew a massive load on myself!  It was so good that I started fading in and out of reality until a warm washcloth hit my chest so I could clean up.  It's rare that I get fucked, and even rarer when they hit the right spot.  Woof! Thank you, Brue!

We ate breakfast, set up the playspace at Mr. S, lunch at Mel's Drive In, a little shopping, Cockpit came up with the phrase "a yule of Santas" to describe the groups of Santa costumers that were everywhere for the annual Santa Con in the city.  Back to the room and rested, a little pool time, back upstairs and drew a bath before getting ready for my little dinner date with the incredibly sexy Shawn.  He took me to Basil, where he recommended the Skirt Steak in Peanut Sauce.  We had wonderful geek conversation that spanned Lego to starships, to his witty sarcasm that included gay men as "pink blooded Americans."  He then showed me the Lone Star bar, where he bought me an Adios Motherfucker, he was actually shy about asking the bartender that which was really cute!  The bar was interesting, the floor was actually paved with pennies.  We moved out to the patio for an unofficial BLUF night.  We were soon joined by friends of his, and we had a great night of conversation over drinks.  My card holder actually ran dry of blog cards!

On the way back, he suggested to me that I see The View at the top of my hotel.  I told him that I really wanted to play with him, which was actually something a bit difficult as he's the type of guy that gets me all shy and awkward and makes my confidence evaporate with just a smile.  I told him I wanted to be respectful of his relationship and everything.  He said that it may be possible.  You can't imagine how high my heart leaped.  I was so grateful for his hospitality that evening, and I happily bedded down with Wolf, Brue, and Cockpit.


This morning Wolf and Brue played with me, Wolf sucked me off for a while before Brue moved in and fucked me until I couldn't take it any more, he then rode my dick.  Finished up and went to breakfast, then set up for puppy park, and I learned I can't wrap presents to save my life.  I donned the Santa Goofy suit and greeted people as they arrived, at one point I started heading down the hallway towards the stairs when Cockpit ran out of the playspace and called out "Hey fat man, you forgot your belt!" I turned around realizing I had forgotten the felt strap as part of the costume, unfortunately a large guest of ours also turned around and Cockpit looked as if he just wanted to die right then and there.  Silly puppy.

Once the suit got too hot, I changed into the sexy elf costume, my red jockstrap, new red socks and red hat from Cockpit, and new red bootlaces from Brue.  I mixed, mingled, handed out blog cards, met a slew of sexy boys including a newbie from South Carolina as well as the sexy Scruffy!  A big bear of a pup who loves hugging! Woof! I love hugging Scruffy!  Soon our sexy Santa arrived and he was just a mountain of hot!  Tall, hairy, beefy, a gentle giant and I relished every second I had helping him out!  We waited behind a curtain for our cue, and I couldn't take my eyes off him.  His muscled arms, legs, his beard, his pecs, a handsome face, and such a gentle soul.  I wanted to throw myself under his boots so badly.

I held the basket of squeaky toys he tossed into the crowd of romping pups and set up "take your picture with Santa!".  Man is he sweet!  I got to sit on his knee, and he even flirted with me a little bit by grabbing my ass!  Ohh, Santa! I've been such a good boy!  Let me be your Christmas present!  When he took his leave with his partner (lucky bastard), I puppy piled with a bunch of snugglers including Anubis and Randy, then talked to titleholder Jay Williamson who had a puppy in Long Beach, who knows how to flag wave (it's like florentine flogging but with large weighted flags, it looks really fucking cool!).  I headed down to Mr. S and said a quick hello to the naughty Spencer, dropped off my blog cards in their media rack, and went back upstairs to help tear down the puppy park.

We headed back to the hotel and exchanged gifts, I gave Cockpit his gift and a silly card of a farting pug, and he gave me a cute little white dog plushie, a fox tree ornament, and a very sweet card.  I love his gifts.  He knows I love foxes.  We went out to dinner, then walked around the city a while before heading upstairs and prepping for bed.  My mind wandered and I thought about a nice romantic Christmas for when I find a man and fall in love with him.  I'm a big romantic, so of course I'd love a nice private Christmas with him up in the mountains, setting up the tree, hot apple cider with dinner, hot cocoa by the fire, making tender love to the crackle of flames, waking up in a big bed and chasing him to the tree to open presents.  I fell asleep thinking of that magical private Christmas and that man who would keep me close to his heart, preferably with rope and chains!


I woke up to someone getting in bed with me, I wrapped my arms around him and felt a lot more hair than usual.  I mumbled, "You're not Cockpit..." and slowly realized it was Brue, who then disappeared under the covers and blew me and jerked me off.  It took so long, but I finally managed to blow my load, a nice warm tingly burst that flew down his throat.  We had lunch and then Cockpit and I headed out to catch our flight home.

Another wonderful Christmas in San Francisco!

Play Safe!