Thursday, May 30, 2013

Two men and many roles.

Sunday, December 9th 2012

A friend of the man who introduced me to his cooking / cannibalism fetish came up from San Diego to meet me.  When he walked up to me at the coffee shop I was surprised, this sexy, thin, dark-skinned hottie was here to meet me?  Sweet!  We talked briefly before I brought him back to my place, the moment the door shut behind us, I was already making out with him.  I pulled him into the kitchen and mixed up a batch of my favorite gunging cake batter and then led him to the bathroom.

Once the clothes were off I introduced him to wet-n-messy play.  As the batter mixture dripped down his beautiful body and his handsome face, he said that "It looks like a giant had just cum all over us!" Woof, what a dirty little mind on this boy! Just how I like them!  A nice long and messy make out and we cleaned off.  He then told me he had a motorcycle helmet, and I told him to go and grab it and suit up, while he was gone I jumped into my leather CHP uniform and my Muir cap.

When he returned I slammed the boy up against the wall and molested the hell out of him, calling him my prisoner bitch.  The sounds that came out of him told me he enjoyed it!  I was loving it as well!  I wanted to rip his pants off, and ram his sweet ass, if he hadn't already told me that he wasn't ready to be fucked yet I would have had a condom on that moment.  I ordered him to change into his biker gear, he complied and came into my bedroom, I shoved my new biker perpetrator against the wall and reminded him who was boss here.  Throwing him on the bed I tied up his hands and legs, I molested him, made out with him further, my helpless little biker prisoner.

I eventually calmed down a bit and we swapped out gear again, this time jumping into wrestling singlets and wrestled on the bed a but before succumbing to our primal desires and jerking off.  We had to blow our loads, and bad!  We both shot our hot, sticky loads onto my chest and collapsed on the bed, spent and smiling.  A rinse in the shower, a pleasant lunch together, and we returned to my home to pack his gear away.  Back at his car, I bid him a safe ride home back down to San Diego and waved goodbye.

This one was a lot of fun, I'm sure we'll have more fun in the future.  Shy, soft demeanor, sexy as hell...nice dick too.

Play Safe dear reader.