Friday, May 10, 2013

Enter the Fist Pig

Sunday, November 25th 2012

I found a man on Grindr and we set up a meeting at a local cafe, we got along incredibly well!  He was incredibly kinky and into a ton of the fetishes I am as well.  He's just an all-around fun and awesome guy.

After really connecting with great conversation we headed back to his place, a beautiful condo on a marina. He had his own sling among a plethora of ass toys.  He undressed and revealed an amazing, drop-dead gorgeous body.  Great muscles, and a ridiculously hot ass!  Woof!  We made out on his bed, I admired and appreciated his beautiful muscular body, feeling every bulge and crevice of his sweet physique, kissing his soft skin and biting his ears, making him moan which only turned me on even more!

We moved to his bathroom, where I proceeded to pee on him.  He loved it so much that he drank it right from the tap.  Even with a full erection I was still able to piss in his mouth.  I'm surprised that I'm starting to learn to love piss play, it's really beginning to grow on me, watching him take my stream in his mouth with no hesitation actually turned me on a little.  He kept sucking my dick long after it went dry and this piggy knows how to suck cock! Oink!

After a rinse we were back in bed and he presented his ass to me, a gorgeous, clean, muscular ass with the cleanest hole I had ever seen.  So incredibly smooth, not a single hair anywhere.  I was on my back with his ass in his face, something inside me said "try it".  I had never rimmed someone before, the idea wasn't attractive to me, but after watching so many scenes in porn with guys shoving their entire faces in another man's hole, and getting rimmed myself in the past, there had to be some kind of attraction about it.  I licked his hole a little bit, it was...different.  The texture was unique, ridges, an elastic feel to it, but I really didn't find anything attraction to it whatsoever and stopped soon after.  It's just not for me.

I got him into position on his hands and knees, and lubed up his hole.  I then slathered my hand with lube and fingered his ass a little with my middle finger, then slowly progressing one finger at a time.  By the time I had four fingers inside of him, he was grunting up a storm!  Feeling him from the inside was absolutely fascinating, a hole of soft, warm, flesh and the feeling of his pulse which quickened as our play continued was just incredible!  He enjoyed it so much that he reached back and tried to get my thumb in himself.  I repositioned my fist and tucked all my fingers into a point, and pushed inside.  At my knuckles I met natural resistance, I let him know that I was pushing through, gave it more force and suddenly my fist was swallowed into his asshole!

He gasped in absolute ecstasy as my fingers automatically balled into a fist, and I found myself wrist deep in this studly muscled man's hot sweet ass!  The feeling of having my greasy fist in a sexy man's hole was something I never thought I'd experience for real. The anus is like fleshy silk, warm and wet, and the soft pulse of his heartbeat all around my hand, as well as the clenching muscles and the presence of a vacuum of air which prevented me from moving around inside.  I slowly twisted my hand to the left and right, making my pig moan and gasp in response.  It felt so wonderful to give him such pleasure, and the physical connection we had was simply astounding.  Nothing else is quite like this.  I started pushing his prostate, and eventually he came with a great roar!  It was beautifully intense!

After a little more feeling around inside of him, I slowly pulled myself out, working with the resistance of his body, I was finally pushed out and his body quivered and shook like a young man's legs after getting his ass pounded for the first time.  I cleaned up and returned to bed, and we shared his afterglow.  I felt closer to him, a bond beginning to form.  He then sucked me again, and wrapped me in his beefy body. I focused on his strong smooth, warm bulging muscles covering my naked form as I shot my load after working my shaft, fuck every moment was just bliss!

I can't wait to play with this pig again, and I'm looking forward to seeing what sling fucking is like!

Play Safe, Dear Reader!