Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Cake-Battered Puppy

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

This evening I had the husband of a Sir of mine over for a little play tonight.  This is one of the biggest things that I can appreciate about people with open relationships, the fact that I can say "Thank you for letting me borrow your husband." and have it be part of common courtesy.

I finally was able to introduce him to gunge play! After mixing up a bowl of yellow cake batter with a new modification (instead of using 2 cups of warm water to one box of batter, I used 2 1/2 cups and made it thinner) the result was a beautiful drippy batter that made the scene last longer, as I could milk the pour on to his beautiful naked body.  Making out, covered in yellow slop, hands sliding all over each other's naked, messy bodies.  Then that slippery tight hug, feeling the batter squish between us.  Such sweet bliss!

A nice shower later, and we changed into our gear.  I donned my chaps, leather jock, engineers, and Muir cap.  I collared and leashed him after he zipped up inside his biker one piece and ordered him to suck my raging bone like the good puppy he is.  Fuck did that feel amazing, he's damn good at it too, slurping down my dripping member.  I then ordered him into just his boots, gloves, and helmet and tied his ankles and wrists together.  I lubed up his sweet hole and fingered him a little bit to help him relax before lubing up my own rubbered up, rock hard cock and sliding effortlessly and slowly inside of his beautiful ass.

His whimpering and groaning made it all the more enjoyable, looking at the collar I secured to his neck, the leash that I grasped in my fist, the helmet on his head, his gloves, boots, and catching the sight of myself in the mirror, fucking a biker in my own bed!  I fucked him harder and made him moan louder! I made him whimper, made him grunt, and damn did it make me even hornier!  I finally blasted my load with a great roar, embracing him tightly! Fuck yeah!

I cleaned myself up, and I lay next to him in the afterglow of our wonderful experience.  I untied his ropes and it was puppy's turn!  Unfortunately for the handsome biker pup he was so overstimulated he couldn't cum at all, however that didn't detract from the smile firmly plastered on his face!  As he left I watched him walk away into the night, his helmet in hand, with his stride a little askew.

Vroom vroom, you sexy fucker!

Play Safe Dear Reader, and be alert on the roads.  My biker boys are on those streets too.