Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Barn Boy Bondage

Saturday, October 13th, 2012

I woke up in Adam's arms from the night prior, one of the best parts about going to sleep with a man in your arms is the morning when he is still there. We fooled around a bit, gentle stroking, deep kissing, then moving our fun to the shower where we made out as we sensually bathed each other.  Once we were out and dry, we headed right back to the bed!  I showed him videos and told him about my quicksand fetish and fantasies, he liked the idea which was a huge turn on.  We jerked off and blew our loads on our chests, watching his dick explode in ecstasy was really fucking hot.

We headed to the shower once more, rinsed off, and headed out to spend the day together.  We headed to a contractor's store first as I was looking for a pair of elbow-length, medium weight chemical gloves, the same gloves that Jimmiwolf wore when he had dominated me at IML this year.  I wanted to feel that cold slick rubber on my skin once more, unfortunately they didn't carry them.  A short browse at Doughboys for a look through their military gear and Adam told me the meaning of a handful of the badges and pins that were on display.

From there we headed over to Red Robin over in Lakewood and to our good fortune today was a "Tip a Cop" event where real members of the local police department volunteer their time and wait on you in the restaurant to raise money for the Special Olympics.  After an enjoyable lunch and buying a few pins for the fundraiser we headed back to my place where I tied his hands and ankles, and secured his arms on my bungee cord clips attached to my doorframe.  I stripped him naked and stroked his sweet cock, whispering dirty, nasty, filthy things into his ear.  When I got to a part about being arrested by a hot cop, he moaned and shot his hot load.  After we cleaned up and said a sensual goodbye, I prepared for my event that evening, "Barn Boy Bondage."

Sir Donny picked me up at 7:30pm, and we headed out in our cowboy gear, fuck did he look hot.  I packed my rope that I finally learned how to chain the night before at Bondage Club.  Sir Donny makes such a smoking hot cowboy, I just want to rope him, stuff a sock in his mouth and make sweet, nasty love to him as he strained against his hogtie!  We arrived at the bar twenty minutes later and set up, then chatted until 9:00pm when the event officially started, however due to the ludicrous idea of "Gay Standard Time" that someone came up with to cover their sorry, flaking ass about being late, no one really showed up until 10:00pm, reminding me to schedule my events later.

Although Sir Donny reminded me that he was my sub for the evening, he couldn't help but slip back into a dominant role and be a playful troublemaker.  However whenever I would call him out on his behavior, he would bow his head and give me a meek "Sorry, sir." which then melted my heart and I couldn't resist immediately forgiving him.  I made my announcements, and set the rules for the evening concerning bondage for the night, I then mingled for a while and met a very handsome man named Diego in a leather jacket.  I mingled with friends Aaron, Sir Dino, Jr., Mike, Harold, the two studs who came along with Aaron, as well as Sir Gaelan and Kiba.  Sir Gaelan was dressed in his amazing cowboy gear, which included a leather cowboy hat, and a duster, and I couldn't fall to my knees fast enough, any harder and I would have left dents in the asphalt of the back patio.  Mike proceeded to suspend Harold from the beams on the patio roof, and drew quite a captive audience.

Later on that evening I performed a bondage demo by binding Sir Donny and Marc together on stage, and showing how to make a quick gag and a blindfold by using your handkerchiefs.  I also went over basic safety tips like always having a pair of scissors capable of cutting your rope in the instance of an emergency or if your bottom is freaking out.  You shouldn't grow attached to your rope, as it may (universe forbid) have to be cut one day.  After the roping demo, I then gave a small speech on breast cancer awareness month, and dropped my pants to reveal a pair of bright bubblegum pink underwear I had been gifted from Dizzy a while back to show my support.  They really enjoyed that part...which is awesome because I love that underwear.

It really doesn't matter if I've done this a hundred times, I still get nervous on stage.  I feel like I'm rushing through my content, or stumbling over my words.  I fear leaving something out, and missing my chance to tell everyone while I have possession of their attention for that small amount of time.

After all the stagework I had a beer with Sir Dino and Jr. and called it a night.  I was exhausted, and had so much fun!  I'm very pleased that everyone enjoyed themselves and that everyone made the effort to come out in gear.  Sir Donny and I headed out, and he dropped me off in front of my apartment.  Sadly he didn't join me upstairs.  Minutes later I was passed out on my bed, with another event successfully completed.