Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Meet Me in the Hallway

Saturday night, September 15th, 2012 I assisted the UFLB in setting up a play party at the Bordello of Decadence in Los Angeles.  The main building is set up on the top of a hillside, and is fashioned out of what looks like a small, old military hangar.

After setting up the essentials like food, ice, and drinks, we hid little kinky prizes around the grounds for the sexy scavenger hunt.  Prizes were in little easy-to-miss plastic boxes and had fun toys like glowsticks, lube, condoms, and cockrings.  If you were lucky, you could nab a box with a ticket inside and you'd go up to the bigger prize table and pick up some nice gifts like certificates to erotic massages, or other fetish donations.

There wasn't much of a crowd, but during the party I was able to find a few of the boxes (I have a poor memory so I can actually hide my own Easter eggs) and did get a winner's ticket, which I used to pick up a nice glow-in-the-dark rope and a pair of safety scissors.  If you're doing rope bondage YOU NEED A PAIR OF SAFETY SCISSORS! If you get into a situation where there is an emergency and the sub needs to get out of their ropes NOW you HAVE to cut them! Do not question it, just cut! Better ruined ropes than a sub in the emergency room.

I was quite interested in one of the straight-but-flexible men there, Jared, a boy of Mistress Melissa.  A tall man, buzzed hair, wearing a nice leather vest and incredibly cute!  I made sure what boundaries were in place, as he was a boy of a Mistress, and I wished to respect them, and at the same time let him know he was a very handsome man.  He told me later on that it made his night.  I love making people happy, it gives me that awesome thrill like nothing else can.

I spotted Gus, another handsome man, hanging around by himself.  I was horny, and ready to play.  I talked to him a bit, then ordered him to meet me in the hallway in the back.  He obeyed and vanished into the darkness, I stripped to my leather jock, boots, and harness, stuffed a length of my nylon rope in my jockstrap's waistband and made my way into the back.

In the darkness of the hallway, which was illuminated only by soft, dim red lights hidden in the holes in the walls, I found my prey waiting for me just as I ordered of him, facing the wall with his back towards me.  He wore an assless jockstrap, his boots, and nothing else.  I came up behind him and lightly touched him, moving in for light kisses on his back, caressing his wonderful body.  I moved him up to the wall, holding his hands above his head, kissing and biting his sweet, succulent flesh.  The temperature was high, our bodies covered in a light sweat, the air humid and hot, but I kept going.  I tied his hands and turned him to face the wall, his sweet ass all mine to enjoy.  I spanked it, I grasped it, kissing and licking his wonderful body.  What was it about him that I wanted?  Something inside of him called to my dominant side and riled me up, wound me up tight and made it demand for its immediate release, like an enraged prisoner.

The air became too hot, and I moved us out of the steamy hallway and into the large main room, where I continued my domination of him.  More kissing, more sensual touch.  I wanted his absolute servitude.  When I brought our scene to an end, and released him I felt wonderful, but unsatisfied.  I wanted to ravage him, tear him apart! Make him moan and scream, but that would be for another time.  A time when I can have him all to myself.

Play Safe Dear Reader