Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Overpowering My Muscleboy

Friday night, September 14th 2012 I hung out with my friend Bill, we went to a nearby park that afternoon and he introduced me to some beginner techniques in Ninjutsu, mainly utilizing throws and movement.  From there we headed over to his place where he cooked a wonderful dinner before we went up to Socal Bondage Club.

Bill wasted no time in finding someone to play with, and I browsed the rooms, watching the various, hot scenes already in progress. Attendance was very high that night so there were plenty of men in the throes of passionate play.  I met up with Pup Don's new puppy boy, Niko, oh my god is he just so fucking adorable!  I just want to squeeze him until he pops!  I bet he makes all sorts of fun little noises when you play with him!

I went out into the main room and found Sir Steve sitting on a throne by himself, so I put myself at his feet.  He caressed me, and massaged my shoulders, enjoying my body and me in turn enjoying his attention.  He's a very sensual and gentle man, I'm looking forward to a night alone with him in his own dungeon for a wild experience!

I spotted one of my boys, Marc, and was excused to go play with him.  I hadn't seen him in a long time and it was wonderful to see his beautiful muscled body and his cheerful face again.  I pulled him into the prison cell where I tied his arms up with my rope and dominated him, laying him down on the rack table, I got on top of him and dared him to resist.  He couldn't! All of his muscle! His beefy arms, his powerful chest, his thick legs, none of them could resist me holding him down! That was fun! A lot of fun!  I felt a new thrill, overpowering muscle boys! Oh this is going to be interesting! I enjoyed my new power by making out with him there on the rack, my favorite piece of dungeon furniture challenged only by the St. Andrew's Cross!

I ordered him up on his feet and forced him up against the wall where I enjoyed his sweet, sexy body, all mine to control, to dominate, forcing my tongue down his throat, listening to him moan and grunt in pleasure as I groped his hard bulge, and held his wrists up.

I pushed him back to the rack for a cool down and more physical appreciation before releasing him slowly from my ropes.  I love topping, especially submissive muscle men, the bigger, the beefier, the better!  Big guys are fun when they're on their knees!

The night ended soon after that, my buddy Rick was kind enough to drive me home, and I crashed soon after stripping out of my leather.  Another wonderful night of play at the bondage club.

Play Safe Dear Reader.