Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Folsom Weekend 2013: Day 3

September 29th, 2013

I woke up and dressed in my leather gear, headed downstairs with the pack, Brue, Wolf, and Cockpit and had a very pleasant breakfast.  Walked out of the hotel with two pups in puppy hoods and on leash, those that stared did, and those that didn't smiled and knew exactly what was going on.  People's reactions are a source of great entertainment.

Our group broke in half, Wolf and Brue to Mr. S and Cockpit and myself to the festival.  Cockpit and I hurried to the SF K-9 Unit booth to make the annual noon howl, and then I hurried over to the main stage to be announced with the other current titleholders.  I was the first one to arrive, and gradually the others made it.  I met up with Jason Williams from IML, and made new friends including a deliciously cute Tennessee titleholder, Boy River.  His accent, his adorable face, his petite frame, I couldn't get enough of him!  I just had to kiss him and man did he taste sweet!

After our stage time I took Boy River, a pup and a rubber titleholder over to the K9 Unit booth to introduce them to the puppies and Cockpit, but unfortunately he was out on walkies with Brue.  The titleholders wandered off after a while and I waited for Cockpit to return, until Hunter from the other night came up and offered me a drink.  I had already waited a while for Cockpit and I was sure he was busy so I went with Hunter who generously bought me a margarita, introduced me to his hot friends, and we headed over to Stomper's Boots where I sat down and built a pair of custom boots with one of the clerks there.

It turns out it was around $900.00 for the pair I built, definitely an investment for a pair of custom boots.  I headed into the back yard for the boot party where I met up with Steve Ganzell, Luna, Hank, and Robert, and I finally was able to meet the drop-dead handsome and gentlemanly Chazz Leatherman.  I had talked to him at length over Facebook, and drooled over his pictures. Meeting him in person, well it was hard not to hump his leg right then and there.  Dark hair, dark eyes, scruff, a gentlemanly attitude and personality, heavy into leather and he wears it insanely well, he's my kind of guy.  A living fantasy boyfriend, the only thing that would put me over the edge is if he rode up on a motorcycle, told me to get on, and then say we're headed to Best Buy to pick up some new video game titles.

Cockpit then made his appearance, the two got to talking, and we headed out back to the hotel.  I was still tipsy from the one margarita, on an empty stomach since breakfast even the weakest margarita will make me a drunken fool.  After a much needed shower, and dinner at Tokyo Express, Cockpit Wolf and I met up with an old friend of Cockpit's at Denny's.  The two seemed to really be hitting it off and enjoying each other, so I took Wolf's lead and let them be on their own.

After packing to run to the airport in the morning, and a pleasant bath, I started getting ready for bed.  I was wondering if I'd have the chance to see Pup Alex one more time.  His sweet face, his beautiful body, the pup was on my fantasy list, and my imagination is a very big place.  Then as I was writing my diary entry, he walked in, and I wouldn't allow him to sleep anywhere else but in my arms.

Thank you, Cockpit, for yet another wonderful trip!

Play Safe Dear Reader

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