Thursday, October 17, 2013

You Look Good in My Leather

July 29th, 2013

This afternoon Dylan returned and I was thrilled to see his adorable face again.  As an experiment I told him to put on my leather harness and leather jockstrap to see what fit him and how he looked in them.  I was completely right, he looked amazingly sexy in leather.  His slim frame just works perfectly with a simple strap harness and it'd be hard for him not to look sexy in any kind of jockstrap.  He makes for a perfect leather boy, all he needed was some boots, and my collar around his neck!

  I ripped off the jockstrap and ordered him to my room, slid on a condom and had him service me.  I love how he can go for ages, I can lie down, and just doze a bit after a long day while he sucks my manhood so eagerly, happy to please me, and very well.  

Eventually I couldn't ignore the urge I had to fuck his brains out, this time we'd try to put him on his back and see if that felt any better than last time.  I fingered him a bit to try and loosen him up, help him relax before I slowly slid into him.  I fucked him on his side, and on his back watching his face wince in pain and hearing his gasps did turn me on in a sadistic way, boys in pain and peril is a fantasy thing of mine.  The helplessness, the noises they utter, it makes me hard.  It also took all of my will not to ravage him then and there, I really wanted him to enjoy it but it was obvious he wasn't.  However I am proud of him for taking so much.

After I slid out, he served me with a fine handjob, and I shot over his leg.  The boy looks great wearing my spunk! Woof!  Into the showers, I held him close, feeling his great body against mine, I always get a great feeling whenever I hold him close, protecting this beautiful young man who is exploring himself.  I love washing his great figure, watching the soapy water slide down his chest and hips, fuck is it hot.

After seeing him off, I received a text.  He really enjoys playing with me, and getting that conformation just makes my spirit soar!  I made someone feel amazing, fuck yes!

Play Safe Dear Reader

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