Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Visit From a Chore Boy

September 5th, 2013

Today Eric came for a visit, we had been talking a while and I found that he and I used to talk a very long time ago, and only just reconnected.  Had him head upstairs and started things off my favorite way, kissing and caressing my boy.  He thought the idea of being a chore boy was hot so I had him strip to his jockstrap and do my dishes.  He had mentioned prior to our meeting that he wanted to cook dinner for me, and I never pass up free food, so he prepared dinner as well after his dish duties.

While the water boiled, I dominated him a bit in my gear, due to the horrendous heat lately, I went with my leather harness, leather jock, engineers, and Muir cap.  Once dinner was finished, I had him clean the dishes and tidy up the living room a bit before I made him suck my dick, and he's a good little cocksucker!  I fucking love chore boys, especially ones that can cook!

He told me he needed a bit more time before I could ravage his sweet ass, so we took our time beating off together, working our shafts and getting more and more hot and heavy before he climaxed and sprayed himself with his spunk, myself following him shortly afterward.  I held him close in the afterglow, taking in the moment before heading into the shower and cleaning off, making sure to take my time in rinsing him, prolonging the warmth.

We had a blast together for a good while, gaming and just screwing around before he headed out.  He did mention he had a pool at his house, and I do like the idea of skinny dipping...

Play Safe Dear Reader

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