Thursday, October 3, 2013

IML Weekend 2013 - Day 5

May 27th, 2013

We woke up and packed everything up, our final day here in Chicago and what a fucking ride it was.  Cockpit and I headed down to the marketplace and browsed around, I stopped by the condom booth and grabbed a handful of assorted condoms, including a good selection of flavored rubbers as well.  The woman behind the booth was thrilled and insisted I take more, to which I agreed, and started filling up a small bag with them.  However her enthusiasm caught fire and she found an even bigger bag, the size of a pillow case and to my surprise started literally stuffing the condoms and lube packets inside until there was nary even space for air left as she sealed it shut.  We joked and dubbed it "the condom pillow", and it gathered a lot of raised eyebrows and giggles as I carried it around.

Continuing around the market, Cockpit saw some fetish gear and insisted I try on a pair of fireman boots and pants.  I wasn't used to such baggy gear, but it felt great and Cockpit sure as hell was wagging his tail.  We then made our way over to the Recon booth and had some great pictures taken of us.

Pup Rolph then found us and we dognapped him up to our room.  We had a lot of fun together, teaming up and molesting him.  This pup made some very fun noises as we took advantage of his succulent body.  This pup is incredibly cute and I just wanted to tear him apart.  Unfortunately for everyone involved, the poor boy was on restriction and saving himself.  What a tragedy.  He really, really wanted to play with Cockpit, and if anyone deserves to get laid and tear into this cutie, it's my puppy.

I went downstairs and met up again with Jason Williams one last time, saw Bobby Thurman and teased him about breaking my camera.  I then met up with Pup Bruiser and friends at the door before heading out with Cockpit to the airport, checking in, having lunch and then lounging in the United Air lounge prior to flying home in first class.

It was an incredible trip, a wonderful long weekend, and I owe everything to my Puppy Cockpit.  I love how he takes such wonderful care of me.  I love him so very much, as my best friend and puppy!

I love you Cockpit!  Thank you!

Play Safe Dear Reader!

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