Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Casual Encounter With a Friend

July 23rd, 2013

Alex came over today, headed out to lunch and we caught up over burgers. Came home and after fooling around on an online game we headed to my bedroom and stripped.  Still as hot and sexy as ever, his slim youthful body just begging to be ravaged, I'm so envious of his body, I want my pecs and stomach to look like his.  I slid on a condom and he went to town on my dick.  He sucked like he meant it, he's such a good boy!  It was time, I was horny, I wanted an ass to pound, and his youthful rear was just perfect for it.

I lubed us up and slid inside.  His sweet tight hole resisted at first, but not for long.  I was on top of him, laying on the bed, thrusting slowly into him, his moans turning me on more, and more.  He wanted it harder!  He begged, he moaned, faster!

"Thank you, Sir! Fuck me, Sir!"  One of the best things a boy can call out when I have them under my control! I was pounding this young man, slim tender body, beautiful ass, great pecs that I could gnaw on.  He makes such great moans and grunts.

I felt it coming!  I thrust deep inside of him and exploded with a howl!  Fuck yeah!  Take it boy!

I collapsed soon after, holding him in my arms.  Such a good fuck, such a good boy.  I slid out and he jerked off a little later while we talked about what turned us on, fantasies of men, he shot his load soon after, damn nice one too!

He's a good boy, a bit cocky, but that's what makes him moaning for my dick that much sweeter!

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