Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Date With a Hypnotist

July 25th, 2013

Today I met Tyler, who had told me about the erotic hypnotist, Neil, and who is a hypnotist himself.  We met for lunch and discussed the practice of hypnotism, how it is further from the swinging pocketwatch, and swirly disks so many people get the wrong idea from thanks to cartoons and movies.   Hypnosis is more about the power of suggestion on the human mind, getting deep into a person's head without them really realizing it, and always having the ability to resist, if they really didn't want to do something they wouldn't.

We headed back to my place, watched a couple funny videos together, and then when he asked if I wanted to cuddle, I was thrilled!  When we hot the bed I found myself cuddling this very cute, curly-haired ginger with a great chest in a tight black shirt!  He's fun, mischievous, and silly.  He asked if I wanted to try some induction and I was only too eager to say yes!  I had been hypnotized over the phone before, but over time it lost the effect for some reason, seriously depressing me because I thought it was gone forever.

He did a finger touch on my forehead, and was able to sway me forward and back with a physical suggestion, he put me under and deep, suggestions, trigger words which got me horny by saying a specific word and a number, got me drunk the same way, bound me to walls with a simple verbal command and pushing my body to a surface like the wall, and gave me a few mental tricks to help me in writing and focus (hence the increase of journal entries).

The whole experience was so cool!  I was awake the whole time, aware of everything, but it was like I was going along with it because deep down I really wanted to, not because I thought I had to.  I didn't feel anything physical, but the mental "ghost" of it was there.  The horny trigger was fun, as well as the drunkenness.  Tyler respected me and my body, and never went over the line at all, let alone near it.

He really helped me utilize tools within me that I needed to find.  I'm very interested in going very deep and seeing what exactly is inside me.  Hypnosis is real, and I am so thrilled about it.  I'm looking forward to playing with this handsome man much more!

Play Safe Dear Reader

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