Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My boy Takes the Monster

May 3rd, 2013

I arrived at my boy Dennis' apartment and met him outside his building.  We went upstairs, kissed our hellos and he stripped to reveal his red striped chaps, sexy leather boots, and a leather armband.  He then let me borrow his harness boots and I finally confirmed that I was a size 10 USA, that had been bugging me for quite a while.  He lent me his blue latex chaps and I had him suck my dick a good while before we headed into the bedroom and he resumed his duties of sucking me off.  He's an excellent cocksucker, and I enjoyed watching him devour my cock.  His shaved head, his leather, the posture collar I locked on his neck, his chaps, and boots.  Fuck!

Soon I had him in the sling, lubing us both up.  Sliding inside his sweet ass was no problem at all, and I went to town on that hole!  I love sling-fucking my boy!  Slamming into his ass, listening to the chains rattle, his mouth open and moaning, gripping the chains firmly as I thrust into him, I felt it building so I ordered him on the bed after willing up the urge to get him out of the sling.  I was going to finish him off!

His ass in the air, I plunged inside and pounded it!  He called me daddy like a good boy, and thanked me for fucking him, that he loved my cock and I just lost it!  I exploded inside of him and damn was it a good one!  He's such a good boy to fuck, I cleaned up and cuddled him in the afterglow, soon dozing off.  I was awakened by him when he came to give me a blanket, such a good boy, he was still ready and energized but after my long day I simply had no more energy to spare at all.  I soon fell asleep, and thankfully he didn't mind.  I'm very lucky to have such a good boy.

May 4th, 2013

I woke up alone, still in boots and chaps to find Dennis on the couch in the living room.  I sat and talked with him a while, had a coffee, then a shower, then I jumped back in gear and he started sucking me off.  I fucking love chaps, so much convenience!  He wanted to try his new toy today, and I was only too happy to help.  He brought it out and I had to say I was very impressed with the size, certainly not something my ass could take.  We  built him up on smaller toys, first a fairy regular sized dildo, then a medium, each time slathering it up in Boy Butter then liquid gel, and slowly fucking his ass, twisting and pushing the hulking toy in and out of his eager, greedy hole.  I enjoy playing with toys, although it tends to be rare.

We eventually worked him up to the Monster.  It was huge, but the boy got it at least 3/4 the way up his ass!  Very impressive, considering the size of this thing.  I took my time and was gentle, but he loved every inch of this thing!  Soon we put it away and it was my turn.  Another condom, lubed up and ready, and I resumed pounding his sweet ass!  I went for what felt like ages, until he had to get out of the sling because his legs were growing tired!  Shoved him down on the bed and I fucked his ass for a good long time.  Enjoying every grunt, beg, thank you, and moan until at long last I shot my load and collapsed on his cool, sweaty back.

I lay there inside of him, relaxing and taking each other in.  He told me I was the only one who fucks him since he moved here.  I felt so honored he chose me, and that he calls me "daddy".  I pulled out, cleaned up, then he said he wanted to use the dildo and cum for me, so I lay on the bed and watched him fuck himself.  I told him how hot I thought it was to watch men have sex, and shared with him an idea I had about how sex dungeons could design their rooms for voyeurs like me.

After a while, he confessed to me that he couldn't cum, he was most likely overstimulated and I knew how frustrating that is.  We cleaned up, changed, and he drove me home.  He's such a good boy, I'm happy to be his daddy.  I can't wait to fist fuck him next!

Play Safe Dear Reader.

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