Thursday, September 5, 2013

Discovering My Sadism

April 11th, 2013

Tonight I met with James, a tall handsome gentleman I met from Recon who I had been talking with for a while.  He was finally in town and was meeting up with his friends at a bar not far from my apartment.  I went down and met him, he's a tall, 6 foot, Australian sweetheart!  He was very polite, and very sweet.  He bought me a drink and introduced me to his friends.  We talked and drank a bit before his friends headed out, and we headed over to my place to get geared up for Pistons, however once we started kissing it was obvious that we weren't going anywhere else that night.

I had him take off his shirt to reveal a beautiful hairy chest and sexy body.  I had him down on his knees and held him close, looking down into his gorgeous eyes, eager to serve me, I slowly ran my fingers over his scruffy scalp and eased him into a deeper submission.  Moving into the bedroom I had him take my clothes off, he did so keeping everything very neat and very tidy, folding them and placing them to the side.

Now I'm not sure if I mentioned it before but one of my big turn-ons is accents, and Australian is at the top of the list in bold and italics.  Every time he spoke I got harder, and him calling me "Sir" was sending waves of pleasure through my ears.  I invited him up on the bed and we held each other, kissing deeply.  I ordered him to kiss my body and lick my skin, he did so but held me down when he did it.  His tongue went to some very good places and even tickled me, he had to hold me still lest I thrashed about!  His grip was firm and somewhat dominant, very hot!  We then started stroking, and as we came close, I realized I wasn't done with him yet!

I got us both out of bed and cuffed him to my bungee cord wrapped around my door frame, blindfolded him, and then tried something very new, I placed clothespins on his nipples and scrotum. I  toyed with him a little while, kissing and playing with his helpless body, biting him and licking him produced some very fun noises, after a bit, I gagged him and pulled the pins off one by one, feeling a new rise of glee and giddiness.  Heaven help the world, for I have discovered my inner-sadist.  Afterward I licked and loved on him, nibbling his sides once more for those fun grunts he uttered.

I released him slowly and brought him back to bed, where we stroked off and I listened to his sexy voice talk dirty to me.  I shot my load with great relief, and he then took some on his fingertips and attempted to feed it to me.  I am no cum eater, it's just not on my menu, but hearing him get bossy about it was a bit of a turn on! A wonderful shower later, some conversation, and we were saying our goodbyes.  He will return though, my sexy bear from down under.

Play Safe Dear Reader

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