Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Eager Oral Boy

March 2nd, 2013

This afternoon I met Tom for lunch at a local pizza parlor, we had a delightful meal together and got to know each other.  We had seen each other around town, spoken briefly before, but never really anything further than that until today.

I had him come over to my apartment and showed him my little stash of exotic fantasy porn which he seemed to get into, much to my delight.  Now horny and ready to fool around, I had him strip to his underwear, and took him into my bedroom.  Down on his knees, I collared his neck with my slave collar and made him mine.  I ordered him to massage my back, and he happily did so.  There's nothing like having a slave give you a good back massage, the pleasure of being served, and the knowledge that they love to serve you.  The happier the slave the higher the quality of time spent with them.

I then ordered him to slowly slide off his underwear and allowed him to suck my cock, as he had been eager to do from the start.  A flavored condom later and his lips encircled my shaft.  My fucking universe, is he a great cocksucker!  Gentle, smooth, sucking and licking my throbbing dick.  He went all the way down on me, taking every inch of my cock inside his eager wet mouth and down his throat!

After a beautiful suck and slurp, I started jerking my meat with his slimy spit that lubed my shaft incredibly well.  I was going to shoot my load, and he wanted it.  I rarely do this, and I mean I rarely do this, but it felt right.  I knew my status was negative, and I knew I was clean.  I started to feel it bursting forth, and he swallowed my cock.  I pumped my load right down his eager throat!  Fuck it felt so good, and he took every drop like a good cum gulping boy.

I'm definitely looking forward to playing again, he tells me he has leather gear and I'm only too excited to see him wear it for me!  He tells me that by the taste of my cum, that i have a good diet.  I'll have to stick to a more vegetarian influenced diet then!

(In all seriousness, me shooting my load down his throat is still risky.  I have recently adopted a strict practice of not doing this any more.)

Play Safe Dear Reader.

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